Video Surveillance Services

Video Surveillance Services are conducted by our private investigators for many tpypes of cases including domestic investigations, Infidelity investigations, matrimonial investigations , employee investigations, child custody investigations, employee fraud , theft , cheating spouses , Marital Investigations, adultery , civil investigations, insurance fraud investigations and many more investigation services.

Video Surveillance is very useful for evaluating a person, document a persons lifestyle or daily activities, document who the person is associating or meeting with, verify facts or whatever evidence you need on a person. Our licensed private investigators and prvt detective services may gather video surveillance evidence and obtain covert video surveillance documentation using hi-tech video surveillance cameras, body worn hidden cameras, night vision capable zoom surveillance cameras and sophisticated video surveillance techniques. Private Investigations and surveillance services can be conducted in almost every state and major city throughout the United States including, Miami, Florida, California, Texas, New York, Michigan, Washington and more…….Call our private detectives for details on our surveillance and private detective services.

Video Surveillance Services is one of the best investigative tools our private investigators use when they investigate a person. Through surveillance services a private detective may prove a persons pattern, habits, lifestyle, associates, etc,… It is a fact, that video surveillance is usually the best option used by investigators when requiring to determine or investigate a persons activity, lifestyle, movements, habits, and personal contacts.

Reasons to Hire Video Surveillance Services

Whether it be related to business, domestic relations, cheating spouses, stalking, marital infidelity, spousal surveillance, civil investigations, employee investigations, insurance fraud or any other reason, Our Private Investigators can investigate any person discreetly with our low cost video surveillance services.. Our Private Detectives pride themselves with the ability to document the activities and lifestyle of the subject with the assumption that the evidence may or may not be used in a legal proceeding. Our Private Investigation Company specializes in domestic investigations with an major emphasis on marital infidelity, parental custody rights, child custody, missing persons and other domestic problems. Our surveillance investigations and spousal surveillances always protect our client’s identity regarding any investigation service our prvt detectives conduct… Our Licensed Private Detectives are very experienced with counter-surveillance investigations, GPS Vehicle Tracking, Covert Hidden Cameras, Nanny Cameras, Spy Surveillance Products, personal protective surveillance, watching those who may be watching you, and video surveillance assessment and investigation service management. Our Private Investigators are continually updating our skills and surveillance technology to provide our clients with the discreet surveillance and private investigation services in Miami, Florida and nationwide.

Our Miami Florida Private Investigation Agency has an on-sight Spy Shop show casing all of our surveillance products and spy products including; GPS Vehicle Trackers, Digital Audio Recorders, hidden cameras, Real Time GPS Tracking Products, Passive GPS Tracker, voice changers, bug detectors, computer spy software and many other spy surveillance equipment utilized by our Miami Detective Company. Visit our Miami Spy Shop or shop online on this website for all your investigation needs. If you have special needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our Miami Private Investigation Company for investigation services in Miami, Florida or nationwide video Surveillance service.

We are the premiere Private Investigation solution when clients require professional and discreet private investigation services, video surveillance , record searches, information, GPS Vehicle Tracking, covert hidden cameras, surveillance products and other private investigation services to assist our clients to obtain the required investigation proof and peace of mind. Call now and speak with a Private Investigator Consultant.

Our private investigators may gather covert video surveillance documentation using hi-tech surveillance equipment, miniature body worn hidden cameras, night vision cameras, GPS vehicle tracking devices, and sophisticated surveillance techniques. Private Investigations can be conducted in most cities throughout the United States. Whether it is vehicular or foot, static or mobile surveillance you need…. our private investigators have the ability, experience and technology to gather the evidence and resolve every case effectively. After the investigation is closed, our clients are provided with a detailed, written report, and photo or video surveillance evidence of the investigation or surveillance services.

Hire Video Surveillance Services…. Call our Detective Agency for details on our video surveillance services.

Hire Video Surveillance Services:

Private Investigators offer comprehensive range of private investigation services , surveillance services and surveillance equipment to fit almost every clients needs. Our Private Investigation company utilizes male and female undercover private detectives to provide peace of mind.

Our Private Investigators take extra effort and pride in the fact that we have many detectives and undercover agents who have been working undercover for years throughout Miami Florida and the United States without being detected. Contact our Private Detective to hire surveillance services today.


Infidelity Investigations often require the use of video surveillance services for marital infidelity. A diversity of surveillance and infidelity investigation techniques are used when needing to obtain the facts and investigate infidelity, cheating spouses or verify infidelity. Call our Private Detectives now to get the proof needed with our spousal surveillance services.

Private Investigators use many discreet investigation techniques and surveillance services to identify infidelity and monitor your spouses activities during any period of time. Our Private Investigators and marital infidelity detectives investigate spouses activities, and investigate where spouse travels, investigate who spouse meets with, investigate what spouse does and obtain video surveillance for infidelity and spousal surveillance evidence to stop the cheater and confirm adultery. Our Adultery Private Investigators perform Infidelity Investigations or marital investigations through video surveillance services, GPS Vehicle Tracking, Real Time GPS vehicle trackers, GPS Tracking devices , computer spy software, covert hidden cameras, audio surveillance, and other undercover detective work…… When you need to verify signs of infidelity or stop cheating husband or cheating spouse from being unfaithful, trust your instinct and contact the finest investigators for video surveillance services.


Hire a private investigator to conduct covert video surveillance services for the following :

Infidelity Investigation Services
GPS Spouse Tracking
Internet Video Surveillance
Internet GPS Tracking
Hidden Surveillance Video Cameras
Corporate Investigation Services
Domestic Investigations
Employee Background Checks
Criminal Record Checks
Child Custody Investigations
Spousal Surveillance Services


Our Private Investigators perform a diversity of Private Investigation Services to investigate just about any information required on any individual nationwide through our extensive network of detective affiliates.

We have Nationwide Affiliate Licensed Private Investigators and Private Detectives servicing your city.

Hire Private Investigators in Miami Dade, Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Kendall, Coral Gables, Homestead, Hallandale, Doral, Weston, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Miami Beach, Deerfield Beach, Port St Lucie, Delray Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Naples and nationwide.


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