Signs of Infidelity


Marital Infidelity Statistics state that approximately 80% of women who feel their spouse or lover is cheating are correct and approximately 55% of men who feel their spouse or lover is cheating are also correct.

If you have any marital infidelity concerns, infidelity suspicions, infidelity warnings signs or signs of infidelity by your spouse or partner

…….you should need to review some of the following “Signs of Infidelity” which we think are extremely important.

Signs of Spousal infidelity and Marital Infidelity:

Spouse is too tired to be intimate or decreased sexual interest with you.
Spouse wants to be intimate with you every single night and now has new sexual behaviors or moves never seen before.
Spouse no longer wears the wedding ring or says it was recently lost.
Cheating Spouse begins working out at a new gym or wants to lose weight.
Cheating Spouse turns cellular phone on silent when he or she is at the house and does not bother to look at it when it rings at the house.
Spouse spends a lot of time at the computer, while alone or even after you go to sleep. And then erases the history files of the websites visited every night.
Spouse begins working late a lot.
Cellular phone bills contain calls with very long duration
Cheating spouse has very suspicious voice-mail messages
Spouse whispers and then hangs up the phone when you enter the room.
Cheating husband or wife has suspicious cellular phone numbers stored or dialed
Cheating wife or cheating husband has unexplained receipts in wallet or purse
Spouses cellular phone never leaves his or her side or is always turned off while at home
Cheating spouse inquires about your next days schedule very often
Spouse keeps that distant look in his eyes… like even when he is with you he is not
Cheating Spouse begins having new hobbies and you are never included in them
Cheating Spouse hides cellular phone bill or the credit card statements at work or in the car
Cheating spouse is often “unreachable” while at work or usually is away on the road.
Spouse Has email accounts you did not know about and changed email account passwords to the ones you do know about
Cheating spouse is suddenly deleting all her or his e-mail messages
Cheating Husband or Cheating Wife has more cash on them than ever before without accountability
Spouse starts having a boys or girls night out and never has before.
Sudden increase in time away from the house
Cheating spouse exits house or goes to other rooms to talk on the cellular phone
Spouse buys new clothing… or comes home with new clothing and you are not sure who bought them
Cheating spouse wants to attend new job related meetings or functions and wants to go alone
Cheating Spouses are usually day dreaming and distracted
Spouse blows up at you for the slightest thing and then leaves the home for many hours.
Cheating Spouse does not return your cellular phone calls or are not returned in timely fashion
You get hang-up calls at home at odd times.
Cheating spouse now begins to use a calling card or a phone card
Husband or wife buys a new car and suddenly spends a lot of time away from the house alone
Unexplained payments on Cheating Spouses bank statement
Mileage on spouses car is high despite they did not need to travel very far
Spouses clothing smells of unusual perfume you did not know about
You meet your spouses co-workers and they act nervous while they are around you

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