Are you worried about having your company vehicles, property or assets stolen ?

Or are you concerned about where your company employees, teenager or your spouse is while they are away from home or work ?

… No you can Track, Monitor and Locate loved ones or employees online with our State-of-the-Art Online Satellite Tracking Services.

Satellite Tracking is an effective tool to catch a cheating spouse, monitor employees online or see what your children are really doing while away from home. Our Satellite Tracking Services allows for anyone to track a person or track assets online. Now you can easily track your car, package, box, trailer, container, shipping pallet, cargo, company vehicle, backpack or on anything you need to monitor and track online via the internet….In Real-Time !

If you suspect something is going on behind your back, you are probably correct. You simply need the evidence, and that is what our Satellite Tracking Services can do for clients. Our Real Time Satellite Tracking can accurately evaluate travel activity with proof of date, time, speed, direction of travel and location.


Spy Center offers the latest in hi-technology Tracking Technology.

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Our Satellite Tracking Services serves many industries and persons including ; private security, law enforcement, private investigators, rental car companies, fleet management, concerned parents, waste management, corporations, employers, bail bondsmen and more.

Our Satellite Tracking Technology supports all the major networks including ; GPRS, GSM, and CDMA networks. GPS Tracking and Monitoring a person is always easy at Spy Center .com

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