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Tissue Box Hidden Camera


Need to Buy High Definition Tissue Box Hidden Camera ? Our Self-Contained Tissue Box Spy Camera is motion-activated and can record covert video in any room with no wiring whatsoever.

  • Motion Activated, Scheduled, & Continuous Recording
  • Records Full-color video day or night
  • 10 Hour Battery Life

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This Tissue Box Hidden Camera is the perfect hidden video solution for home or office. This Spy Camera Tissue Box looks just like any ordinary tissue box. On a single battery charge, this Spy Camera will capture upto 10 hours of motion-activated video or store up to 64 hours of video surveillance footage to a 32GB SD card (not included). All recorded video can be stored and played on your computer or played back on your TV with the RCA inputs.

It looks like an ordinary looking black tissue box but it is actually one of the best home spy cameras online. Our covert Tissue Box DVR is a spy video recording device in a simple tissue box. It displays no visible pinhole lense or wires anywhere to give it away.

The Tissue Box Hidden Camera blends in anywhere. Hidden inside the spy tissue box is a motion activated camera and a micro digital video recorder. The concealed self-contained micro DVR can record high resolution video using an SD memory card (up to 32GB).

The pinhole camera hidden inside tissue box does not attract any attention because it is placed behind the plastic cover. Just place the Tissue Box Cam in any area and it will start recording video and audio when it detects any sudden movement.

The Tissue Box DVR records in low light conditions. It can capture high-quality video and records night vision video in as low as .001 Lux. In fact, the Tissue Box Video Recorder can record high-quality 640 x 480 full color video in the day or record clear black and white video in the dark. The Tissue Box Spy Camera is a great indoor hidden camera even if all the lights are off in the house. It has a wide angle view of 104 degrees perfect to capture a large or small room.

Futhermore, this Spy Camera Tissue Box has an on screen menu which allows you to quicklit set up your desired settings such as ; time and date stamp, schedule record time, motion detect, and the video resolution.

If you are looking for Tissue Box Hidden Camera or Spy Tissue Box Camera DVR to record covert video at home, you have found on of our favorite spycams. This High Definition Covert Tissue Box Camera is the ideal Home Surveillance Camera for recording a Nanny, Children or for home security.

Buy our affordable video camera Tissue Box on our website today and save on our stores low cost spy gear. For a limited time, you can find a cheap or lower price, discount coupons and great deals on our video surveillance Tissue Box. Read our web site reviews for more information or details on our Hidden Camera Tissue Box DVR.


Three Recording Modes Available:

With the included remote control and your TV, you may easily configure the Tissue Box DVR to activate when it detects motion, continuously record or set a recording schedule (to conserve the battery). Motion-activated recording allows your Tissue Box Spy Camera to only record when there is movement in front of it.



Features of the Tissue Box Camera:

  • Capture Video with Motion Detection
  • Store up to 64 hours of video surveillance footage to a 32GB SD card
  • High Resolution Color Recording
  • Extreme Low-Light .001 video recording – records video in the dark
  • Capture only the important times with Scheduled Recording.
  • Rechargeable 10 hour Internal Battery
  • The spycam tissue box supports a DC power adaptor.


Whats in the Box ?

  • 1 Tissue Box DVR Camera
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 1 Power Supply
  • Users Manual
Technical Specifications:

  • Tissue Box Camera Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Date and Timestamp Feature : Yes
  • Battery Life: Approximately 10 Hours
  • Recording Frame Rate: Adjustable
  • Recording and Playback: Max 30FPS (NTSC)
  • LUX Rating: 0.001 in Black and White
  • Memory Type Supported: SD Card (Up to 32GB)
  • Recording Modes: Scheduled, Continuous, Motion-detection (150 Grids)
  • Playback Function: Composite A/V Out and Through SD CARD.
  • Supports a 1 channel video and a 1 channel audio recording with playback operation.
  • Audio / Video data is recorded directly on the SD card.
  • ASF file format. Data can be backed up to a computer.
  • Audio / Video data are recorded directly as a ASF file format.
  • View the video straight from your computer, and playback ASF files with your media players.
  • The USB interface enables data to be transferred to a PC.
  • For 1 GB SD card, the record time is about 5 hours at Standard Quality for NTSC: 30 fps @ 352 x 240 and PAL: 12 fps @ 640 x 480.
  • The DVR supports: Manual, Motion Detection, Schedule, and Alarm Recording modes .
  • Supports external alarm signal connection to enable alarm trigger recording.

  • Two simple ways to view the video recordings of the Tissue Box Camera :

    1) Remove the SD Card from the Tissue Box Camera, use the SD card reader provided to view the video directly from your computer (with Windows Media player).

    . 2) Play back the recorded video directly from the tissue box camera directly. Just connect the RCA Cable provided to your TV to see what has been recorded.


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