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Telephone Call Recorder – Record All Calls to SD Card


This All-in-One Covert Telephone Recorder Automatically Records Incoming and Outgoing Phone Calls to SD Card. 

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When you need to record phone call at home or office land line, nothing is better than the Call Assistant Digital Voice Recorder from Spy Center. Our miniature Telephone Call Recorder is a small telephone recording device that can easily and automatically record incoming and outgoing phone calls.

This simple phone call recorder offers the best telephone recording features. It is very easy to use. It is the only phone call recorder online that will combine Caller ID with dialed number storage, date, time, call duration and even the call comments.

This Stand-alone Phone Call Recorder works with analog phone systems and may also bypass many newer digital telephone lines (such as: Vonage and Comcast).


How To Record a Phone Call :

How it Works : To Record Telephone Call, simply connect your stand-alone telephone recording system directly to your single-line telephone at home or work. The Telephone Call Recording device will then automatically record all of your phone calls to an SD card inside the device. Then whenever you are ready to play back the recordings, simply listen to the phone calls directly from the built-in speakers or connect the device to your computer. Then click on the files to playback. (Alternatively, You may also remove the SD card and insert it into a computer)


The Included software for the DR004 telephone recorder will also display the caller ID, time of the call and date of the call. date and time of the call, as well as the duration.

tele phone call recorder software dr004

Popular Uses :

  • Company Use – Easily record every incoming & outgoing phone call
  • Home Use – Automatically record a call in your home or apartment
  • Customer Service – Keep phone call records of all phone calls for security & training purposes

Features and Benefits:

  • Automatical Call Recording – The phone call record device can record calls automatically.
  • Extensive Recording Capacity – Record phone calls for up to 330 hours (on a 16GB memory card)
  • Easy Setup – Call recorder has no complicated settings or configuration settings
  • Built-in Speaker – Easily play back recorded calls with internal speaker of the device
  • Transfer Call Recordings to PC – Copy phone recordings to PC & keep telephone call records
  • Analog and Digital Line Compatible – Works on both tele phone systems
  • Call Information Saved – Each call saved with caller ID, time, date and the call duration

What’s Included in the Box:

  • Miniature Telephone Call Recorder
  • Handset Cord
  • Telphone Line Cord
  • USB Connection Cable
  • AC Power Adapter
  • TelePhone Recording Software CD
  • Instruction Manual


Stop wondering How To Record Phone Calls covertly ! Record All Phone Calls to SD Card easily…

Buy our Telephone Call Recorder and get your proof today ! Record Telephone Calls easily with our new Telephone Call Recorder –

Technical Specifications:

  • Up to 330 hours of Phone Call Recordings on up to a 16gb memory card

  • Telephone Compatibility : Analog and Digital single phone lines

  • Automatic recording: Yes

  • USB Output : Yes

  • Size: 5.75’’ x 2.75’’ x 1.5’’

  • Date and Time Stamp

  • USB Output for file transfet to PC

  • Headphone jack output for privacy listening

  • Built in MIC for discreet Room recording

  • Playback : Via Internal Speakers or your Computer

  • Records in XTR format / able to export to WAV

  • Voice Activation & Manual Recording Option

  • Power Supply: AC Power (with AAA Battery Backup)

  • Weight: 1lb 0oz

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