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Spark Nano GPS Tracker 4.0


This affordable GPS Tracking Device is so small it fits in the palm of your hand. The “MP200” Real Time GPS Tracker is commonly used by private investigators and law enforcement for tracking people, vehicles, boats, or assets. Monitor and track your childs, spouse or employees location online or via your cellphone 24 hours a day or get live alerts directly from your cellular phone or PC.

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Our Real Time GPS Trackers are the most intuative and affordable Live GPS Trackers online and on the market. Our exclusive web GPS tracking platform is very customizable and gives you more features than any other Real Time GPS tracking system online at a lower cost. Start RealTime GPS Tracking today with the next generation of satellite tracking devices.

Track anything live ! Place this GPS Tracker on a person, in a car, in a package, or simply place the unit underneath your auto for covert GPS Tracking with the optional magnetic case.

Key Features :

  • International Tracking
  • Small , Rugged and Water-Resistant Design
  • Rechargeable battery charges on USB or Ac adapter
  • Easy to use online interface – Complete online reporting with secure login
  • Print or download data
  • Panic button – When pressed, the device will send you an emergency alert via email or text.
  • Wireless and battery powered, totally self-contained
  • Panic Button Notifications ( Optional)
  • Mobile tracking on your cell phone or other wireless device
  • Unit color available may be white or black






The “MP200” GPS Tracker is activated before it’s shipped to you without any extra fees. Upon purchasing the Real Time GPS Tracker on our website, we will ship to you a fully activated unit along with the login information required to access the GPS Tracker platform. Simply, charge the device and your ready to start tracking in real time via the internet on your tablet or cellphone. You will have 3 customizable map views to track your target online via your computer or smartphone. This GPS Tracker gives you upto 23 hours of continuous tracking on a single charge. GPS Satellite Tracking is available 24 hours a day via our online GPS Tracking Platform. It is very easy !




Track Whatever You Want Online

This New Generation Tracking Device is ideal for tracking anything or anyone via the internet. If you’re concerned about your teen’s whereabouts, this Real TIme GPS tracker can easily be hidden in thevehicle, so you may obtain real-time location information. You may also monitor vehicle speeds. If the teens vehicle exceeds a predefined speed limit, you’ll receive e-mail or text notifications. Catch Cheating Spouses easily without the need to hire expensive private investigators. Simply place the Real Time GPS Tracking Device in a bag or car and obtain the information required to verify if your partner is where they say they are. You may effortlessly set unlimited geofences on our online GPS platform, so that you may receive a text or e-mail alert if the tracker enters or exits a predefined area.


Fleet Tracking – Track Employees

Employers concerned about their fleets, employees and company vehicles can now get the proof they need by simultaneously tracking 1 or multiple vehicles with our hitch fleet tracking platform. Save money and time by dispatching the closest driver. You will always know where your employees are, where they have been, and how fast they were traveling.

(Special discounts are available if buying multiple GPS Tracking devices. Call us for volume discounts and plans..)


Choose From The Following Map Views:



GPS Demo 1


GPS Demo 3




Additional Options Available For this Product :

GPS Magnetic Case  – (Used to place the GPS Tracking Device underneath a vehicles undercarriage)

Monthly Service Fee $69.00

1 Month – $69.00
3 Months – $160


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