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RF Bug Detector Pen


This pocket-sized bug detector in the form of a pen is very discreet. Protect your privacy anywhere you go against hidden spy microphones, wireless spy cameras and electronic audio bugs with our Bug Detector Pen.

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Need a small body-worn bug detector for detecting hidden cameras or locating wireless microphones ? The RF Bug Detector Pen can easily detect different types of radio frequency transmissions quietly without anyone knowing. The Pen Bug Detector has a bar graph strength indicator that will let you know when it has found an electronic bug or mic.


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Feel as if your bedroom, livingroom, office, conference room, car or any other area is compromised ? The RF Bug Detector Pen is a great counter surveillance product because it may be discreetly carried in your pocket or purse at all times. This way, you will always have a way of knowing if there are any radio frequency audio bugs or hidden spy cameras anywhere you are.

The RF Bug Detector Pen is perfect to protect your private conversations on business meetings, business trips and all other areas of concern. The Pen Bug Detector can operate in the wireless camera frequencies of 900MHz ~ 6GHz. It also operates on the AM/FM radio bugs.

Buy RF Bug Detector Pen today and get peace of mind wherever you are !

Location of a bugging device is simple ! The Pen RF Detector allows you to quickly check surrounding objects in a hotel, restaurant, your residence or someones office. Quickly scan a room and confirm if there is a UHF bug, GSM bug or RF bug transmitter which may be transmitting signals from 30 Mhz to 6Ghz.


RF Bug Detector Pen Features:

  • Working Pen Bug Detector frequency ranges are : 30MHz-6000GHz
  • 8-segment bar graph indicator for accurate detection of spy bugs
  • find bugging devices, spy microphones, hidden cameras, etc
  • Omitt insignificant background fields with the adjustable sensitivity button
  • Pen-style design for covert operation may be carried in a pocket while being used
  • “High Power” indicator for pocket use
  • “Pulse” indicator will recognize digital transmitters
  • Bug Pen Detector is Powered by an “LR03 battery” (size AAA)


  • Detecting illegal transmission of conversations
  • Searching for active radio transmitting surveillance devices
  • Find RF bugging devices in premises and vehicles
  • Discover improper use of communication or spy equipment for picking up conversations
  • Detect harmful emissions of the GSM-jammers, microwave ovens, communication antennas, mini recorder suppressors and other electronic appliances.

Whats in The Box ?

  • 1 battery size AAA
  • Pen Bug Detector
  • Users Manual


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