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Need to obtain the name and address that a landline or cellular phone number is associated with ? The REVERSE PHONE NUMBER LOOKUP is the best way to identify the owner of a phone number.

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The Reverse Phone Number Lookup allows you to trace a phone number and get the name and physical address associated to a landline phone number or the name and billing address associated to a cell phone number ?

Guarantee:  No Information – No Charge *

* If we cannot obtain the current registered name and address for your phone number search, we will refund your entire search fees.

If you have a cell phone number or a landline phone number that is suspicious, or simply need to identify who the owner for the phone number is…. then the phone reverse lookup is the correct phone number reverse search for you. Reverse Lookup Phone Number easily on our web site. We offer Phone Number Lookup by Name at an affordable price.

With Spy Center, it is very easy to do a Reverse Phone Number Lookup to find owner of cell phone number or landline. Simply provide us with the Phone number and area code to search for, and we may find the persons name and address registered to the phone number.

The Phone Number Reverse Lookup is available nationwide and has a high success rate. Our Reverse Telephone Number Lookup Search is very useful to find persons or confirm who has been harrasing, crank calling or stalking you or your family. After ordering the Phone Number Trace, you will receive the persons current reported name and address on file with the phone carrier.

Results for our affordable phone number reverse is available within 3-10 business days.

Results that you will receive with the Reverse Phone Number Lookup.

      • The Name and Address associated to any Land-line or Cellular Phone Number.
        Requirements for the Reverse Phone Number Lookup.
      • Phone number with area code
        Frequently Asked Questions about our Phone Reverse Lookup search.
      • The person that owns the phone that you search will not know they were searched.
      • Your information from the Reverse Phone Lookup is not shared with anyone.
      • All Information is stored with security 24/7.
      • The Reverse lookup Phone Search is performed by our detective agency.
      • Quick results sent directly to you via e-mail..
      • Guaranteed credit card safety.
      • The results you receive on the reverse phone number look up are not resold.
      • Tele Phone Number Lookup Results available within 3-10 business days.
      • Most results for the reverse number lookup are available within 24 hours.


NOTE: REGARDING PRE PAID CELLULAR PHONE LOOKUPS. We can uncover information for most 10-digit cell phone numbers and land lines in the Unites States. However, names and addresses are only available some of the times for pre-paid cell phone lookups.   It depends on whether or not the owner of the phone has actually registered it to his real name or not. Therefore, for prepaid numbers, we can only guarantee to provide you with whatever the subscribers name and address was registered on file with the carrier at the time of purchase. VOIP numbers (Voice Over Internet Protocol) cost a different price since they are much more difficult to trace / reverse.

Get your proof ! Reverse Lookup Phone Number on our website,….Beware ! Do not lookup a Phone Number with those so called instant phone trace websites that offer free or super cheap telephone number searches online. They are usually database brokers that will return outdated or false results when they lookup a phone number for you. Trust real Detectives that know how to find a phone number. Trace Phone number with our professional team of due diligence experts. Some of the carriers we commonly search are : Verizon, At&T, Sprint, Metro PCS, H2O & more.



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