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RECOVER IT Cellphone and Computer Forensic Data Recovery


Totally covert & simple to use. Just plug in the RECOVER IT to recover, download & save all data stored on a computer or cellphone..(even if it has been deleted). The SleuthGear Recover It Computer Forensic Data Recover Stick provides the best solution for PC & Cellphone Data Recovery.

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Looking for the Best Covert Forensic Tools ? Look no further ! The Best Covert Phone Spy and PC Monitoring Solution is here. Simply use RECOVER IT and you will get affordable forensic File recovery in minutes with our user-friendly Forensic Data Recovery Software. Simply plug the external USB spy stick into a computer to have the Recover-It scan it.

Recover Deleted Data from Cellphone, tablets, and Computers Fast !


RECOVER-IT can retrieve deleted text messages, retrieve deleted emails, retrieve deleted pictures, retrieve deleted videos, call logs, computer files and much more from any of the following devices :

  • iPhone – (upto iOS version 8.xx or previous versions)
  • Android Phone – (4.2 and previous versions except basic android version)
  • Blackberry – (7.0 and previous versions)
  • Computer (Windows PC)
  • Tablet
  • Ipad
  • Ipod Touch
  • Digital Camera
  • SD Card


About the SleuthGear Recover It Computer Forensic Data Recover Stick

The RECOVER IT USB Stick can help you recover deleted files from smart phones, computers, Ipods, Tablets, cameras and even SD cards. It helps you to easily recover deleted emails, recover chat logs, recover phone call history, recover deleted pictures, recover hidden porn, recover deleted videos and recover deleted pictures from any mobilephone or computer. You may Retrieve existing data or Retrieve deleted data from mobile phone even if the recycle bin has been emptied out and not written over. Mobile Recovery couldnt be any easier…

RecoverIT is a complete forensic solution. Stop shopping for file recovery software. This is the best Data Recovery Software online hands down that can help you with deleted file recovery. Find improper use on computers or cellphones fast. It is the best tool for Computer Data Recovery or Cell Phone Data Recovery. This ALL In One Smart Phone and PC monitoring program is a sophisticated solution is commonly used by law enforcement, private investigators, employers, spouses and parents nationwide.


SleuthGear Recover It Computer Forensic Data Recover Stick Benefits:

  • Easy to Read Reports
  • Forensic data retrieval of many file types
  • Android Data Recovery – Recover deleted data from Android back up files.
  • Iphone Data Recovery – Recover deleted data from Iphone back up files.
  • Blackberry Data Recovery – Recover deleted data from Blackberry back up files.
  • Android Text Recovery – Find and Recover Text Messages on Android
  • Iphone Text Recovery – Find and Recover Text Messages on iPhone
  • Blackberry Text Recovery – Find and Recover Text Messages on Blackberry
  • Find and Recover E-Mails, Videos or Pictures on iPhones, Android (only from SD Card), Windows and Blackberry (only from SD Card)
  • Verify prior visits to adult web sites, online chatting, and other illicit websites
  • Find and Recover Deleted Images, Videos Chat Logs, Documents & Hidden Files on a PC
  • Search for chat logs
  • Search hidden pornographic images
  • Porn Detection – can Detect and Find Hidden Porn Video, Adult Content or Porn Images
  • Clean and Shred your cached data with the Privacy Erase Feature for extra privacy
  • Backup All Data for later review
  • PIN is Required whenever the cellular Phone is PIN-locked
  • Works on most devices with flash memory
  • Permanently Shred selected file or extension types
  • Monitor and Protect Computer From Porn, Hacking or other Suspicious Activity
  • Extract existing data from Android Mobile Devices
  • Get Back / Recover deleted data from iPhone, iPads or iPod touch through iTunes back up or directly from the mobilephone.
  • Blackberry Data Recovery – Recover deleted data from Blackberry back up files.
  • Android Data Recovery -Recover deleted data from Android back up files.
  • PC Backup and Restore helps you backup PC files or folders to a separate location and wont affect the original files.

Recover it Forensic Cellphone Data Recovery Software PC


This Recover It forensic data recovery stick can be used on all the computers that you own. It will create a simple to read report so that you can see what your employees or children are telling people on the internet. . Furthermore, the Recover It stick also helps you locate and shred all found or scanned documents.

The Sleuth Gear Recover It Forensic Data Recovery Stick is a professional all in one tool that is very easy to use. Make sure your kids and employees are safe on the internet. With Recover It you can scan and monitor your PC and protect everyone from all types of cyber crimes. Stop wondering on how to retrieve deleted pictures or other files from your PC’s or smartphones. Now you can Quickly Monitor and Recover texts from iPhone, analyze chats / search chat logs from the most popular messaging sites, detect porn or locate pornographic images on computer, scan deleted images and Internet cache files to find everything that was deleted.


Secure Data with the “Privacy Erase” Feature

Shredder is an application for deleting folders and make them non recoverable. The Privacy Eraser app protects your privacy by erasing all history, cookies, typed website URLs, address bar history, temporary folders, download history, Google desktop history, saved information, MS office recent document history, and more.. This information can’t be undeleted with any data recovery tool. When it’s deleted you cannot undelete it ever again. Furthermore, Privacy Eraser also has a Junk File eraser that deletes all of the junk files in the system for additional security. Use Privacy Eraser to ensure that your computers deleted files are completely gone for good.


Who is the Recover it Spy Software good for ?

Parents – Do you know what you children are doing on their cellphone or online ? Protect your child from improper web sites, internet predators, stalkers, hackers, illegal activities and internet predators.
Employers – Protect your employees and company with Recover It. Are your employees doing back-door deals or stealing ? Monitor employee computers and verify if they are being honest.
Spouses – Verify your suspicions of your spouse or partner with Recover It. Find out the truth !


*Important Note:  You will need the phone’s password to be able to access the phones data. However, in the case of the iPhone,… you will be able to view the data on iTunes without needing to use any password.

Why hire expensive private detectives, data recovery experts, forensic examiners or forensic data recovery services when you can do it yourself for a lower cost !


Other Available Features:

Samsung Data Recovery
Read deleted text messages on iPhones and Blackberry
Save, view or delete chat logs
Recover Deleted Files Android
Recover Deleted Files Iphone
Recover Deleted Files Blackberry

Retrieve Deleted Data from CellPhone or Personal Computer and Get the Truth !

Buy The All-In-One Forensics Cell Phone Spy and PC Monitoring Solution


The SleuthGear Recover It Stick is Compatible with:
iPhone — iOS version 8 and previous versions
Android — 4.2 and previous versions except basic android version
Blackberry — 7.0 and previous versions
Data Recovery  –  iPhone, Android (only from SD Card), Blackberry Phone (only from SD Card) and Windows Recovery –

(NOT Compatible with Mac or Apple Desktop Operating Systems)



  • Recover It USB Stick


DISCLAIMER:  CellPhone Spy Monitoring software, trackers / tracking equipment, and audio surveillance devices are only designed to be used in situations in where you are legally allowed to use them. Check your local state and federal laws to confirm that you are in compliance before using any monitoring products..NOTE: model, make & color of products can vary from the actual picture displayed.

Requirements and FAQ

The RecoverIt® stick has to be installed via the USB port of the PC. The operating system installed on the PC should be Microsoft Windows XP 32 bit or 64 bit, Vista 32 bit or 64 bit, Windows7 32 bit or 64 bit. Windows 8 32 bit or 64 bit.

RecoverIt® stick does not work with other operating systems. Make sure that .NET framework is installed on the PC. By default .NET (ver 2.0)is installed on the PCs with the Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 . In Windows 8 user need to install .NET framework ver 3.5.

. . Steps to Get Data Recovery started quickly:

  • Step 1: Insert Recover It into the USB drive on your PC and double click the drive icon.

  • Step 2: Select 'I Agree' on the software usage license agreement.

  • Step 3: From the list of icons, choose which device data will be recovered from and follow the onscreen instructions. Click here for the user manual and more detailed instructions about the different recovery modes.

  • . . iPhone Recovery Quick Start:

    Follow steps 1 and 2 above then:

  • Step 3: Select the Apple Icon for the recovery mode. Create a new file for your Apple recovery information and save it to the desktop.

  • Step 4: Select your backup mode. Determine if you will be recovering data from an iTunes backup or directly from an iPhone or iPad connected to your PC.

  • Step 5: Run the recovery program. After recovery you must extract the data. Your recovered data will be found in the 'Location to Extract' folder selected.

  • . . Other Requirements:

  • iPhone iOS version 8 and previous versions
  • iPhone data transfer cable
  • If recovering data without an iPhone, an iTunes backup file is required
  • The latest version of iTunes software must be installed prior to using this application

  • Android:
  • Android 4.2 and previous versions
  • Android data transfer cable
  • Device driver from manufacturer of Android device
  • USB Debugging’ enabled on Android device

  • Blackberry 7.0 and previous versions
  • Blackberry backup file (ipd or bbb)

  • Hardware and Software:

  • USB 2.0 port
  • Pentium 233 MHz or higher
  • Supports 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows XP (service pack 2), Vista and Windows 7 or Windows 8 Ensure Dot Net 2.0 is enabled on your PC


  • Do I have to have iTunes installed to use the Recover It ?

  • Yes, iTunes contains the necessary drivers that allow you PC to recognize your iPhone, iPod, or iPad when connected to your PC.

  • Does the Recover It work on Mac ?

  • No, the Recover It is a Windows based software system.

  • How fast does the Recover It recover data ?

  • The Recover It can perform recovery at a rate of 2 minutes / GB.

  • How far back can the Recover It recover deleted data ?

  • Deleted data, like other data can be overwritten. Meaning, data can be permanently deleted from the phone. The Recover It can access deleted data from the cache, but similarly to the “trash can” on your windows PC, if the data is permanently deleted the files cannot be recovered. Some data is overwritten milliseconds after being deleted, while other data is stored until the cache is full. If the deleted data is still present on your device the Recover It will obtain and display the recovered data.

  • Can I use the Recover It on a phone that is password protected ?

  • No.... However, if you are connecting the Recover It and iPhone to the same PC the phone is synced with, it is likely that the password can be bypassed but is not guaranteed.

  • Can I use the Recover It on multiple PC’s ?

  • Yes, the Recover It is not limited to the number of PC’s it can be used on, therefore the Recover It can be used repeatedly from one computer to the next.

  • My Recover It is freezing and not completing the installation, how can I get it to work ?
    The Recover It comes with a Repair Tool that will correct any problems with installation, and / or recovery. Run the repair tool by clicking on the Repair Tool Icon, follow the prompts until the repair is successful.

  • Where are the instructions for the Recover It, does it come with them ?

  • Yes, the Recover It conveniently comes with online Help Files that are accessible when the software is installed.

  • Do I have to have the Recover It and Smartphone connected at the same time to run the recovery ?

  • Yes, both devices have to be connected to a USB port on your PC.


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