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Professional Voice Changer Portable


Our Covert, Portable & Professional Voice Changer disguises or changes your voice on almost any phone.

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Need to change your voice on a cellphone or landline ?

This Professional Voice Changer Device has a 14-pitch range, that allows you to easily modify your voice a full seven pitches up or down.

All you have to do to alter, distort or disguise your voice is attach the acoustic coupler to your mobile / cell phone or telephone handset, adjust the 16 settings by turning the switch and then speak into the built-in microphone of the Voice Changer to alter your voice on the phone. This Voice Changing Device attaches to most telephones and mobilephones with an included velcro strap.

Note: The number “0” will be your normal voice. The high settings will increase the pitch and low settings will decrease the pitch.


Stop searching for a Voice Changer App or a Phone Voice Changer Online…This is one of the Best Voice Changers available on the internet. Our Affordable Voice Distorter is used by the pros !


Features :

  • Lightweight and Portable Voice Changer
  • 14 pitch range
  • Has volume controls
  • Works with a single 9v battery (not included)
  • This Telephone Voice Changer works with most tele phones & smartphones including home land-lines, iphone, Android & Blackberry



  • VC-300 Professional Voice Changer
  • Voice projector with Velcro attachment


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