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KJB DD1203 Portable Bug Detector


Are you concerned that you are being watched or tracked ? Our Portable Bug Detector will detect and find a hidden camera, wireless audio bug, GSM Surveillance Bugs & spying mobile phones at home, car or office. Protect your conversations & privacy with our affordable hand-held bug detector.

  • Detects Digital and Analog Wireless Transmissions
  • Signal Frequency Ranges From 10 to 3.6 GHz
  • Starts Vibrating silently for discreet use & Covert Notification

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The KJB DD1203 Portable Bug Detector is a high quality anti-surveillance device used by TSCM counter surveillance experts, law enforcement and private investigators in the USA and worldwide.

This Law-Enforcement Grade Portable Bug Detector may uncover spy bugs, spy cams, radio fm transmitters, hidden wireless mics & UHF audio tranmitters. Bottom line, this RF Wireless Signal Dectector will find all types of radio transmitting devices and electronic bugging equipment. This Wireless Bug Detector can also detect if someone is using a GSM phone. There are cases when a person has intentionally left their cellphone off the hook and all their private conversations were transmitted to another cell phone or even recorded onto an answering machine or voicemail box. In addition, there are numerous GSM Spy devices available in the market which may be used for tracking, monitoring and surveillance such as:  GSM baby-watches, GSM-based alarm systems and other ‘illegal spy microphones’ transmitting conversations via the mobile phone network.

The DD1203 Portable Bug Detector uses a built in antenna, bar graph display, and vibration alerts to indicate the existence of any nearby surveillance threats. Equipped with a short range antenna, the device performs better than most detectors in populated environments.

This Bug Sweeper will easily detect transmitting bugs in any area such as a home, bedroom, office, car, conference room or any outdoor or indoor area. Uncover people using body-carrying transmitters or body-worn spy cameras in your next business meeting. Dont hire expensive debugging services or pay high price for bug sweep service when you can do-it-your-self with our anti spy gear. Verify if you have a voice activated bug in your vehicle with our Professional TSCM counter-surveillance tool.

This Digital Bug Detector DD1203 is powered by two AAA batteries. It is an economical, portable and covert sweeping device that has a built in antenna and bar graph display indicator with adjustable sensitivity levels that can indicate the existence of any nearby surveillance threats. This Bug Sweeping device also has a vibrating indicator for optional silent notifications in case you need to perform covert bugsweeps or debug a suspicious area discreetly.

Whatsmore, this Portable Bug Detection Device is a may detect any frequency between 10 and 3,600 MHz (3.6 Ghz) in both digital and analog transmissions. The KJB Bug Detector can avoid most interference from any common external sources such as broadcasting towers found in many large cities. Buy the best Bug Finder online at a low cost and get peace of mind with KJB Security.


Common Uses for the “PORTABLE BUG DETECTOR” :

– Searching for active radio transmitting surveillance devices (or RF bugging devices) in premises, vehicles and items.

– Find Spy Bug, body-carried, telephone & car bugging devices with this gadget.

– Discovering the improper use of cellphones, cellular interception and other communication equipment for picking up conversations or used for intercepting phone calls.

– Spy Bug Detector Detects harmful emissions from GSM jammers, microwave ovens, communication antennas, mini recorder suppressors and other electronic appliances.

– Detection of GSM bugs, spy mobile phones and mobilephones in an active state (for illegal transmission of conversations or sound)

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Technical Specifications:

  • Bug Detector Unit Size : 4.5 x 2.25 x .50

  • Frequency Ranges : 30 MHz to 6GHz FM Only

  • Weight : 1.00

  • Battery Life: Continuous operation for appoximately 10 hours

  • Box Size : 7 x 5 x 1.50

  • Powered by : 2 x AAA


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