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SIM Card Seizure


Suspect your children are up to no good ? The Sim Card Seizure will Covertly Recover Deleted Text messages or Undeleted text Messages / SMS, Call Logs, Phonebook information & much more from a Phones Sim Card ! Protect your family today !

  • Analysize SIM card data from your smart phone.
  • Used by forensic investigators & private detectives
  • Investigate and protect your teen or children cellphone activity

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Need to get information off a SIM Card ? Need to Backup Sim Card Data ?

(This computer program comes with a SIM reader & Micro SIM adapter.)

The Paraben SIM Card Seizure is a simple and professional forensic cellphone software used to recover BOTH deleted and current text messages from your mobilephone. The Sim Card Seizure also recovers other confidential information from cell phones, such as the cellphone calls received or placed. The devices advanced software will generate reports for easy review of all data accessed. The Parabens SIM Card Seizure may be used as a backup tool for your smartphone in cases when you may have deleted your important cellular information or may also be used as evidence in court to defend your case when needed.

The SIM Card Seizure is a Forensic Sim Card Reader for cellphones and smartphones that use sim cards only. This Sim Data Recovery USB Stick is very easy to use. All recovered cellphone data is organized neatly so it is very easy to find. Cellphone Data Recovery could not get any easiter than this.

How the SIM Card Seizure works:

  • Remove your cell phones SIM Card.
  • Insert the SIM Card into the included SIM Card Seizure Reader.
  • Insert the SIM Card Seizure device reader into the USB port of your computer.
  • Wait a few minutes as the Device will Retrieve cellphone data.
  • Then just sit back & Review all the retrieved information from the cell phones simcard.


SIM Card Seizure Recovers:

  • Recover SMS Text Messages
  • SMSS Text Message Status
  • SMSP Text Message Parameters
  • FDN Fixed Numbers
  • LP Preferred Languages Variable
  • LND Last Dialed Numbers
  • EXT1 Dialing Extension
  • EXT2 Dialing Extension
  • SPN Service Provider Name
  • MSISDN Subscriber Phone Number
  • AND Short Dial Number
  • ICCID Serial Number

SIM Seizure has unicode support to read multiple languages such as Arabic, Chinese & Russian


Requirements For Sim Card Recovery :

  • Compatible with GSM Phone with SIM Card
  • Cell Phone must store SMS messages and / or call log data to the SIM card
  • PC Computer with Windows operating system (any version)
  • SIM Card Seizure may only be used on a SIM card that you own.


Common Uses:

  • Monitor cellphone activity of teen
  • Monitor employees company phone
  • Backup your important smartphone data
  • Used by Cellphone forensic investigators & other experts
  • Cellphone Forensics Investigations


What is Included :

  • SIM Card Seizure Reader
  • SIM Card License
  • Micro SIM Adapter
  • 1 Year Subscription
  • Instructions manual


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