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Paraben Iphone iRecovery Spy Stick


Our affordable Iphone iRecovery Stick is a covert and easy to use Phone Data Recovery Software for Iphones, iPad or iTouch devices. This Iphone Data Forensic Software was designed to recover deleted data* such as deleted texts, calls and much more from Apple iPhones….(even if it has been deleted).

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The Paraben iPhone recovery Stick is a software inside a thumb-drive USB device that will retrieve deleted data from iPhone running up to iOS 8. You must physically have the cellphone in your hands to be able recover data on iPhone, Ipad or ipod Touch Devices.

iRecovery Sticks costs much less than what professional data recovery services cost. Now anyone can become a forensic data recovery expert with the Paraben iRecovery Stick for Iphone.

The iRecovery Program has an easy-to-use interface and is capable of recovering may types of deleted data. Simply connect our Forensic Spy recovery stick flash drive and your mobilephone to the computer at the same time and click start to run the iRecovery Spy Software. moments after, it will start retrieving cellphone data. Its that Simple !!


paraben irecovery stick iphone data recovery

The CellPhone Data Recovery process can take up several hours to finish downloading if there is alot of information stored on the cellular phone. The iRecovery will retrieve your deleted text messages / SMS logs, contacts, Call history / logs, websites visited, pictures, videos, calendar entries, voice memos, and much much more described below…..

Need to Recover data from iPhone & iPad apps or backup your important data ? The Iphone Data Recovery Stick is completely stealth and very easy to use. Recover Deleted Files fast !

This is the best forensic data recovery software used by experts to recover Iphone data easily. It will generate easy to read reports of all iPhone Data Recovered.


What Data May Be Recovered :

  • Text Messages
  • iMessages
  • Contacts
  • Call History
  • Photos and Videos*
  • Web History / Visited Web Sites
  • Email Accounts
  • Calendar Notes
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Voice Memos
  • Map Search History
  • Installed apps
  • Safari Bookmarks
  • Twitter data acquisition
  • Google Chrome data acquisition
  • Facebook Messenger acquisition
  • Voicemail acquisition
  • Skype Log Parsing
  • Deleted Gmail Recovery Tool
  • Recover Data From Gmail App
  • Deleted TextPlus Recovery
  • Deleted Mail.ru Recovery
  • Deleted KIK Recovery
  • Deleted Vkontakte Recovery
  • Deleted Evernote Recovery
  • Deleted TextFree Recovery


Recover Deleted Data From the Following Apps:

  • *NEW* Deleted Facebook Recovery
  • *NEW* Deleted Facebook Messenger Recovery
  • *NEW* Deleted Google Chrome Recovery
  • *NEW* Deleted Twitter Application Data Recovery
  • *NEW* Deleted WhatsApp Application Recovery


Software  Screen  Shots

recover deleted text messages sms iphone

Recover Deleted Text on Iphone

recover deleted call history logs iphone

view gps tracking locations iphone i recovery stick

view text messages deleted iphone irecovery

irecovery deleted images iphone recover parabens

recover deleted calendar data iphone

recover deleted voice memos iphone irecovery stick usb

recover iphone dynamic text irecovery stick

websites visited iphone irecovery spy stick

paraben view recover iphone deleted data recovery

Important Features

  • Powerful search feature:  search the recovery results for current and deleted data by searching for specific keywords – example: “sex”, “cocaine”, “husband”, “wife”, “motel”, etc.


  • Recover Data From an iTunes Backup File without the mobilephone having to be present: The iRecovery Stick may recover deleted data from cellphone even when the cell phone is not present. Simply by loading the iTunes backup files you created in Windows, the iRecover Stick will recover the exact type of files or data it recovers from the physical phone.



The Paraben iPhone Recovery Stick works with the same data recovery technology used by law enforcement, private investigators, employers, parents and spouses needing digital forensics to acquire and recover deleted files and data. Unlike other Mobile Data Recovery downloads sold online, this iPhone Data Recovery Software runs directly from the iRecover USB….. and it does not leave any traces on your smartphone or computer that a recovery was previously performed.

The iRecovery Software is great for people who have accidentally deleted important files from their smartphones, concerned parents, employers who have issued company owned iPhones to employees, or anyone who could need to retrieve deleted data from iPhone.

Loking for a Digital Forensic Product used for cellphone data retrieval ? Hands down, This is the best Cellular data recovery software and hardware tool to recover deleted data from any iPhone, iPad or iTouch devices.


How it Works

  • Plug your iPhone iRecovery Stick into your Computer
  • Run the iRecovery Spy Software from the iPhone iRecovery Stick USB drive
  • Plug your iphone into your PC to start recovering data.
    Compatible With :

All current iPhones, iPad & iTouch models
All iOS devices – (including iOS 8.3, 8.2, 8.1, 8, 7.x, 6.x and earlier)
Supports iPhone 3 4 4S and the new iPhone 5
Supports iPad 1 2 3 and iPad Mini
Does not work with “jailbroken” or “hacked” iPhones

Requirements :

  • Apple iPhone or iTunes backup file
  • Data Cable for iPhone (optional, not necessary for iTunes backup file)
  • Windows Computer with USB – (Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7, and 8).
  • Supports iPhones running any OS through iOS 8.
  • You must have the PIN for locked cellphones before performing a recovery


Whats included in The Box:

  • iRecovery Thumb Drive
  • Instruction Manual
  • Connection Cable


Important Information
We can not guarantee that all the phones data will be retrieved;  since there is not a specific time-frame data will still be stored on the cellphones internal memory. Most users approximately get 3-10 months of data rerieved, but every cell phone is different. Deleted Files or Deleted data is recoverable until it is overwritten by new data. It may not be possible to recover all data, due to the nature of electronic cellphone data storage. Results may vary greatly due to uncontrollable circumstances and other factors. When performin a Recovery on an Iphone that is locked, you must first obtain the PIN number.

The latest version of our iPhone iRecovery Stick allows you to download the data tracking points which are stored within your iPhone (for iOS versions through 4.3.2). Apple stopped storing this data in areas recoverable by the iRecovery Stick in iOS version 4.3.3. If your iphone runs on iOS version 4.3.2 or earlier, the iPhone iRecovery Stick will recover all data location points stored inside your iphone.

*Pictures and videos that have been deleted from the camera roll can be recovered from MMS messages just as long as they haven not been deleted. **Deleted recovery from backup files is available for SMS, iMessages, call history, contacts, Safari bookmarks, calendar entries, & notes. If backup files are protected with a password, you must have the password.

Due to the nature of this type of product, all sales are final on all data recovery software or other similar media products. No returns or refunds will be allowed.

  • Compatible With All current iPhones, iPad & iTouch models including :
  • (Now Compatible with "i OS8")

    . .
  • Compatible with All iOS devices - (including iOS 8.3, 8.2, 8.1, 8, 7.x, 6.x and earlier)
  • Supports iPhone 3, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, and the new iPhone 6, 6Plus
  • Supports iPad 1 2 3 and iPad Mini
  • iOS Version Compatibility: Up to iOS 8
  • Service Compatibility: AT&T and Verizon iPhones
  • USB Drive Capacity: 128MB
  • OS Compatibility: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • USB: 2.0 interface
  • Not compatible with Macintosh OS

  • Steps to run the iRecovery Phone Software from an iTunes backup of my cellphone ?

    1) Connect iPhone or iPad to Windows based computer using iTunes.

    2) Backup the device using iTunes.

    3) Connect the iRecovery stick to the Windows-based PC.

    4) Run the iRecovery stick software.

    5) Check for iRecovery updates and install updates before proceeding.

    6) Run iRecovery process to recover from iTunes Backup.

    7) Find the appropriate backup folder for this device.

    Note that if you backup multiple devices to this PC, you will have multiple files showing in the folder.

    8) Click on the backup folder you are seeking and then highlight the "Manifest.mbdb" file.

    9) Right-click on this file and make sure that the "Show Hidden Files" is checked.

    10) Click "Open" and your recovery will begin.

    Note: Iphone Data Recoveries can take approximately 1 to 3 hours or more.

    Forensic Cellphone Recovery may be much longer on cellphones with more data and images. After recovery, you may click on the "File" section on the top of the irecovery software window and then easily export all the iphones data to an Excel file for later review of everything you have retrieved.

    If you don’t have Excel in your PC you may then choose to download a free version of "Open Office" software (by Oracle) which works just like Excel.

    The iphone data exporting process can also take a few hours. Plan on doing this a day that you have free because the entire process may take several hours to complete. The most important thing to of this process is to obtain the backup file... after you have obtained the backup files you no longer need the iPhone or iPad to continue the process.


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