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Paraben Android Data Recovery Spy Stick


Our affordable Android Data Recovery Stick is a covert and easy to use Android Data Recovery Software for Android Phones and Android Tablets. This Android Data Forensic Software can recover deleted data* such as deleted text messages, calls and much more from Android & Windows CellPhones..(even if it has been deleted).

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The Paraben Android Recovery Stick is a forensic spy software inside a thumb-drive USB stick that can retrieve current and deleted data from Android Phones, tablets and devices running Android 5.x and earlier. (even if they are locked with a pattern screen lock.) You must physically have the Android cellphone in your pocession to be able Recover Data on Android Phones. The latest version bypasses pattern / PIN locks as long as debugging mode is turned on.  

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This Android Data Recovering Program has an easy-to-use interface which may recover deleted data from Android silently and easily. Simply connect the Android to your computer with the phone’s data cable and then connect the USB stick to your computer via the USB port. Then just run the Android Spy Software to start Retrieving Android Data to your PC. (You also have the ability to export the data.)

Need to Recover data from Android or backup your important data ? The Android Data Recovery Stick is completely covert and simple to use. Recover Android Deleted Files quickly !

This is the best forensic data recovery software for Android used by experts to recover Android Data easily. It can generate easy-to-read reports of all Android Data Recovered. The Android Data Recovery or Android Tablet Data Recovery process may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on storage size, available data, and your computers speed. The Android Recovery Stick recovers deleted text messages / SMS logs, Call history / logs, contacts, URL websites visited, photos, videos, voice memos, Chrome data, calendar entries, & notes from Android OS 4.3 and partially from OS 4.4 – 4.4.3 and much more described below…..The Phone Recovery Stick for Android can also Recover Data From MicroSD Memory Cards such as:  music, photos, documents, and more.


What Data is Recovered by The Android Data Recover Stick :

  • Text Messages / SMS
  • Call Logs
  • Contacts
  • URL – Websites Visited / Internet history
  • Dynamic text history


Version 4.0 adds acquisition and recovery of data from:

  • Facebook
  • Pinger
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Chrome Apps
  • TextPlus
  • Vkontakte
  • Kik
  • TextFree


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Our CellPhone Data Recovery Software is more affordable than what other CellPhone Data Recovery services cost. Now anyone can retrieve deleted data from Android phones or tablets just like the forensic data recovery experts…. Dont hire expensive private detectives or Android Data Recovery Services when you have cheap mobile spy solutions at your disposal.. The Paraben Android Stick for Android Cellphones is your most cost effective file and data recovery software for Android mobile phones.


The Paraben Android Recovery Stick is used for Monitoring Android Phones. It works with the same Android Data Recovery technology used by law enforcement officials, private investigators, parents, spouses and employers who need digital forensics to acquire and recover deleted files or cellular data. Unlike other Mobile Phone Data Recovery Software sold online, this Android Data Recovery Software runs directly from the Android Data Recovery Stick…..it will not leave any trace on your mobilephone or PC that a recovery was attempted.


Android Recovery Software Screen Shots

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The Android Recovery Software is ideal for anyone who may have accidentally deleted data from their phone, employers who have issued company owned Androids to their employees, or anyone needing to retrieve deleted data from Android.

This is the best Mobile Data Recovery Software and hardware tool to recover deleted data from Android phones.


How it Works

  • Plug your Android Phone Recovery Stick into your Computer
  • Run the PhoneRecovery.exe software from the Android Phone Recovery Stick USB drive
  • Plug your Android cell phone into your PC and then recover data from Android


Compatible With :

  • Recover Deleted Android Data from Devices Running Version OS 4.3, 4.4 or lower.
  • Compatible with Android Devices up to OS 5.x
  • System Compatibility:  Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8


Requirements :

  • Android Phone
  • Recovers data from Android devices, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nexus, BlackBerry cellphones, Symbian cell phones, Windows 7 phones, or any mobile phone with removable storage such as MicroSD cards
  • Some deleted info may only be recovered from cell phones using Android OS 4.3.x or below.


Whats included in The Box:

  • Android Data Recovery Program inside a Thumb Drive USB
  • Instruction Manual


Important Information :
We can not guarantee that all the Androids data will be retrieved;  since there is not a specific time-frame data will still be stored on the cellphones internal memory. Deleted Files or Deleted data is recoverable until it is overwritten by new data. It may not be possible to recover all data, due to the nature of electronic cellphone data storage. Results may vary greatly due to uncontrollable circumstances and other factors.

*Pictures and videos that have been deleted from the camera roll can be recovered from MMS messages just as long as they haven not been deleted.

Due to the nature of this type of mobile spying software, all sales are final on all Android data recovery software or other similar android spy products. No refunds or returns will be allowed. Visit our Miami Spy Shops today to buy Android Data Recovery Software.

Supported Operating Systems (Phone): Android 4.2 and lower.

Supported Operating Systems (Computer): Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8

========= Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this device only work for Android phones?

A: Yes, this device cannot be used with any other phone.

Q: What firmware does this work with?

A: This device works with Androids running versions up to 4.2

Q: How long does this process take ?

A: The recovery process may take more than a few hours.

========== Note: Iphone Data Recoveries can take approximately 1 to 3 hours or more.

Forensic Cellphone Recovery may be much longer on cellphones with more data and images. After recovery, you may click on the "File" section on the top of the irecovery software window and then easily export all the iphones data to an Excel file for later review of everything you have retrieved.

If you don’t have Excel in your PC you may then choose to download a free version of "Open Office" software (by Oracle) which works just like Excel.

The iphone data exporting process can also take a few hours. Plan on doing this a day that you have free because the entire process may take several hours to complete. The most important thing to of this process is to obtain the backup file... after you have obtained the backup files you no longer need the iPhone or iPad to continue the process.


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