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Outlet Spy Camera


Our Outlet Spy Camera is a favorite home spy cam that blends in anywhere. This Dummy Outlet Cover can easily be placed on any wall in under 15 seconds with the included adhesive tape. This Wall Outlet Hidden Camera has a self-contained pinhole Camera and micro DVR that can record Motion-Activated high-definition video or take triggered snap shot images with its long-lasting rechargeable battery. Place any room under surveillance with this plug and play Outlet Camera.


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Looking for the best spy cameras for home or office ? This Dummy Outlet Spy Camera is ideal for covert room monitoring. Simply stick the Motion-Activated Outlet Camera to your wall using the included adhesive mounting tape and record high-definition covert video. It is one of our spy shops most innovative spy gadgets.

Now you can easily place covert video on any wall with our Wall Outlet Hidden Camera !

The HCOulet Spy Camera has a self-contained covert video recording system built into an electrical power outlet.  This covert recording device will record upto 5 hours of continuous recording and also has motion-activation recording capability with 5 days of standby battery power on each battery charge. The covert video Outlet Spy Camera records all video to a MicroSD card hidden inside the outlet cover. The MicroSD card slot is simply accesed by removing the cover plates. You can easily retrieve the memory card from the outlet to review the video surveillance footage captured on each day of use. Then just replace the memory card on the Outlet Hidden Camera to continue recording covert video at home or work.

Our High Definition Covert Outlet Camera DVR is one of the Best Hidden Cameras for home use ! The Electrical Outlet Cover blends in anywhere ! No one will ever suspect that there is a hidden camera in outlet.

Outlet Spy Camera may be placed inside of a bedroom of a house, conference room, hotel, meeting room, office, car garage, family room, kids room, hotel, closet, retail store, living room, kitchen and more. This high-quality, covert video outlet camera features a built-in DVR, pinhole camera lens and motion sensor that will activate the recording when it detects movement in the area, thus maximizing the devices battery life….The Electrical Wall Outlet Camera has a date and time stamp feature for easy documenting all your hidden video recording.

This small, portable, and compact outlet spy camera is great for indoor residential use and can even fit in your shirt or pocket. The HCOutlet is great for your short-term covert surveillance such as; nanny camera surveillance, child monitoring, retail store / employee theft and much more..


This Outlet Spy Camera has a completely self-contained hidden camera with DVR. It is a great spycam for recording covert video indoors. This spy camera Outlet DVR looks like an ordinary wall outlet. A miniature pinhole camera inside records everything directly to the MicroSD card concealed inside the wall outlets interior. This Outlet style hidden camera will record 1280 x 720 resolution video. Capture discreet video with our Wall Outlet Spy Camera Video Recorder.

Need a High Definition Spy Camera for Home or office ? Record covert video anywhere with our small self contained Outlet hidden cameras. Place the Outlet Spy Camera on wall and just walk away.

Buy affordable video camera Outlet on our website and save on our stores low cost. For a limited time, you can get a cheap or lower price, discount coupons and great deals on our video surveillance Outlet Camera. Read our web site reviews for more information or details on our Hidden Camera Outlet DVR.


Features of the Spy Outlet Camera:

  • Outlet Spy Camera look just like an electrical outlet
  • Outlet Spy Camera Can Take HD 1280 X 720 High-Definition Video
  • Motion-Activated Recording
  • SD Card Capacity – up to 32GB  (4GB card included)
  • 5 -7 hour average battery life in continous recording mode
  • The battery for the Outlet Cam lasts up to five days in standby mode.
  • PIR Trigger recording / photo
  • LED indicators


Whats in the Box ?

  • Self-Recording Wall Outlet Camera with DVR
  • 2 Outlet faceplates / covers included (in white and light beige) 
  • DC 5V charger with USB cable
  • 4GIG SD Card
  • Adhesive two-way mounting tape
  • Instruction manual


Note: This Hidden Outlet Camera DVR Device does not do loop recording. The spycam Outlet will stop recording when the storage gets competely full on the Spy Outlet Camera.

Technical Specifications:
  • 640 X 480 / 1280 X 720, 30 FPS
  • 1.3 LUX / 61 Degrees FOV / .6MM
  • Memory Capacity : Up to 32 GIG Micro SD
  • 950mA Rechargeable Battery
  • Up to 5 days standby battery power
  • 5 -7 hours of battery life
  • PIR Trigger recording / photo
  • LED indicators
  • 4.7"x2.7"x.3"

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