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Tracking Key GPS Logger


GPS Tracking Key II is a portable GPS data logger that easily records all the travel & driving history of any car or asset. Records all movements, physical address, stop times, speed & more. — NO Monthly Fees !

  • Built-In Strong Magnetic Mounts
  • More than 10 days of GPS Tracking
  • Monitor Spouse, Employees, Teens, Children,.etc

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Need to monitor your kids car or employee company vehicle ? Are they actually going where they say they are ? The LandAirSea Tracking Key GPS Data Logger II is the Best GPS Logger Device to get you the proof you need !

The GPS Tracking Key II has been recently upgraded. This Tracking Key GPS logger will log and record every single driving activity of your car. It is the latest affordable GPS tracker with no monthly service fees.


Record ALL vehicle movements including :

  • Physical Arrival Addresses
  • Routes Traveled
  • Duration of Stops
  • Active driving time
  • Direction / Orientation
  • Speeds




Unlike other Real-Time GPS Trackers that require a monthly service plan so that you can locate GPS Device in real time via the internet….. this low cost GPS Logger is a passive GPS Tracking Device. It will easily record all the automobile driving activities so that you can later retrieve the GPS Logger and use a computer to determine the locations it has traveled to. You will use the included Personal GPS Tracking software to see the path the GPS Logger traveled. Plus,…. you will get when the vehicle started, places it stopped, the routes taken and how long it stayed at each site.

When looking to buy Personal GPS Tracking Device that is Non Real Time and offers easy vehicle tracking and recording,…. the land air sea gps tracking key is the best GPS trackr for you to review at the lowest price on the web. Review our GPS Tracking website for for information on our GPS Data Recorders.

Tracking Key II GPS Logger is very affordable because it doesn’t require a monthly service plan.


How the GPS Tracking Key Works.

1. Install the included TrackingKey software on your PC.

2. Place the GPS Logger inside in the car or underneath the car with the attached magnets.

3. Retrieve the GPS Tracking Key from the vehicle. Then plug the attached USB plug into your computer when you are ready to review all the location tracking history.

4. The mapping technology will allow you to see all the places the Auto has traveled to.  You will get the exact addresses, when the auto was started, stopped, how long it stayed there, the route it traveled and the the speed.


Features :

  • No Monthly Fees Ever !
  • Accurate GPS Data Logging
  • Record GPS data every second
  • Over 10 days of GPS Logging
  • 16 channel GPS Receiver
  • GPS Data Logger Accuracy is within approximately 2.5 meters
  • Compatible with PC’s only – Not compatible with Mac
  • GPS Tracking Key can be placed inside or under a car with its attached magnet
  • Logs location, date, and time of every stop.
  • Software animates the autos driving route on a digital street map.
  • Easily create text Detailed “GPS Tracking Activity Reports”
  • The Landairsea Tracking GPS Key plugs into your computer for quick USB download.
  • Satellite Tracking Data is compatible with Google Earth.
  • Low battery indicator on our land air tracking product.
  • Works with 2 AAA batteries
  • Extended battery life  –  60 Hours of Working Battery Life
  • Average battery life is about 10 days using regular Alkaline batteries (2.5 weeks with Lithium batteries). Battery life will depend on the hours driven by the person each day. These calculations mentioned above are based on 1-2 hours of driving per day.
  • Online / Web based GPS Logger software (using Google Maps)
  • Cloud based storage (for an extra fee)


The Tracking Key II GPS Logger is perfect to :

    • Monitor a Spouse
    • Track a child or teenager / teen
    • Monitoring employee vehicles
    • Find out who is stealing your business merchandise, equipment, assets or property


Common uses for the GPS Data Logger :

Our GPS Tracking Key II allows you to Track company cars such as Limo, Tractor Trailer, Motor Home, Bus, Fleet, Taxi, Passenger / Cargo Van, Truck, Limousine, Exotic / Luxury Auto, etc.,.. Use this Spy Gear Gadget for Company Vehicle Monitoring or Track a Person with the Tracking Key GPS.



Whats in the Box:

  • GPS Tracking Key Device
  • Past-Track Software CD
  • Quick Setup Instructions


Note: This GPS Tracking Product complies with all state and federal laws. It must be only used on a property that you own or with the owners permission.


  • No monthly service fees.
  • Unit dimensions: 1.5” W x 3.8” L x 1.4” H (including magnet)
  • Horizontal accuracy: 2.5 meters from the device
  • Over 10 days of GPS tracking
  • Plots GPS location every second.
  • Water Resistant GPS Logger
  • Battery life: up to 60 hours of active driving time
  • Powered by 2-AAA batteries (2 weeks average battery life)
  • Stores up to 140 hours of tracking data / driving history (Actual driving time)
  • Built-in High strength magnet mount
  • Motion sensor puts device into auto-sleep mode when device is not in motion to conserve power
  • Connect to PC via USB port.
  • Web based software
  • Cloud based storage (extra fee)
  • Operating temperature: -15ºF to 185ºF (-26ºC to 85ºC)
  • 2 LED indicator lights for power/status notifications
  • Windows compatible only (not compatible with Macs)
  • Mini Size 3.80 x 1.46 x 1.34 inches

  • =========== GPS and Data Specifications
  • Maximum Number of Satellites ---- 16
  • Horizontal Accuracy ----- 2.5 Meters
  • Communication Protocal ----- NMEA
  • Data Output ------ USB
  • Memory Type ------ Flash (non-volatile)

  • Discreet Surveillance without hiring an investigator.

    Batteries will last up to 30 days !! (depending on drive time)

    Battery Life Information :

  • 1 Hour Per Day of Driving --- 3 Week Duration
  • 2 Hours Per Day of Driving --- 2 Week Duration
  • 4 Hours Per Day of Driving --- 1 Week Duration
  • Sleep Mode --- After 2 Minutes of no movement

    ========Frequently Asked Questions========

    How do i download the data ?
  • Just plug the GPSdevice into your USB port.

  • Do I need to subscribe to a monthly service or pay any tracking service in order to get the Tracer to work ?
  • No. There will never be any monthly fees or activation fees with this product.

  • Does the GPS unit work anywhere in the U.S. ?
  • The Landairsea GPS Logger can work anywhere in the world.

  • Will I lose my tracking data If the loggers batteries battery dies before I am able of retrieving the Trackingkey ?
  • No. The data is safely stored in the device, even if the batteries die.

  • Does the GPS Tracking Key Tracker come with every thing I need ?
  • Yes. The GPS Tracking Key comes with everything needed.. including software.

  • How strong is the magnet mount ?
  • The covert GPS Logger has a magnet mount that is very strong. It attaches to metal under a car.

  • Does the TrackingKey create any Activity Reports ?
  • Yes. After you download the tracking data, you may select download an easy to read "GPS Activity Reports".

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