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Frequency Finder Bug Detector


Protect Your Privacy ! This All-in-One Handheld Device can Detect GPS Trackers, Wireless Transmitters, Hidden Camera Lenses, Phone Taps, GSM Audio Bug & other Spy Equipment. Protect Yourself From All Major Types Of UHF, GSM, GPS or RF Bugs in your home or car.

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Is your home, car or office bugged ? Are you being watched or tracked by GPS ?..Don’t compromise your privacy wherever you are at.

This Counter Surveillance Device allows you to quickly Bug Sweep bedroom, conference room, auto or office. Find GPS tracker, find spy camera, UHF bug, GSM bug, audio bug, infinity bug and much more with the Frequency Finder Bug Detector Pro.

Now Anyone can perform a TSCM Sweep to Find Hidden Cameras, Microphones, Bugs or GPS Trackers.


frequency finder bug detector


This is the Most Advanced Frequency Finder Bug Detector used by private investigators and counter-surveillance professionals to easily detect Spy Bugs & Locate GPS Tracking Devices.

Confirm if your home or office is free of hidden surveillance devices or bugging devices.



The Universal Frequency Bug Detector Pro works as a :

  • GPS Detector
  • Transmitter Detector
  • Phone Tap Detector
  • White Noise Generator
  • Camera Finder
  • Laser Tap Detector
  • Radio Frequency Bug Detector

Finding Hidden Cameras and GPS Tracking Detection is simple with all our Professional Counter Surveillance Equipment sold at our local Miami SpyShops. Our affordable RF Bug Detectors help everyone protect their privacy. Now everyone may easily Bug Sweep Home, Business or any other public or private area to secure their property with the best de-bugging equipment online.


How it Works :

To perform a spy camera de-bugging sweep or a GPS car sweep, simply turn on our De-bugging device and walk slowly around the area you need to inspect with the unit in hand, while slowly sweeping the area with the unit. The built-in light meter will alert if it detects any wireless transmitters or GPS trackers within approximately 20 feet. The meter will light up, If a frequency transmission signal is detected. When looking for a wired spy camera, simply connect the included surveillance camera lens finder to the top of the unit. Then just look through the lens to find a wired surveillance camera within about 10-12 feet. Its that simple to sweep any room or car to find monitoring devices or hidden spycam anywhere.

Secure your conversations with our Bug eavesdropping detection device. Buy our professional and affordable Bug Sweep Kit and protect yourself now.


 Features of the Frequency Finder Bug Detector :

  • Detect electronic bugs on numerous frequencies
  • Portable Bug Detector – pocket sized to find spy bug anywhere
  • Built-in Light meter will indicate the proximity of any possible bugs found
  • White noise generator helps you to secure your conversations
  • One button activation to start your TSCM Debugging Sweep fast
  • Most affordable GPS Finder and RF Bug Detector


Locate GPS Tracker or Spy Cams ! Protect Yourself From All Major Forms Of Eavesdropping Bugs, Satellite Interception /  Tracking Devices & Spy Phone Taps.



  • GPS Tracker Signals (only when device is transmitting signal)
  • Find Hidden video cameras – ( wireless or wired spy cameras )
  • Audio Transmitter Bugs used for Audio Interception
  • Wireless Spy Mics
  • Laser Tapping
  • Miniature Audio Transmitters
  • Infinity Bug Transmitters
  • Voice Activated Bug
  • Hidden Video cameras
  • Wireless tapping with VOX & other
  • Miniature Audio Transmitter Bug
  • Wire telephone tapping even on cable / telephone Taps (wired and IP Phones)
  • Bumper beepers
  • Bodyworn transmitters
  • Wireless tapping devices with VOX function
  • “Series” & “Parallel” Telephone Transmitters
  • Computer and Fax eavesdropping transmitters
  • Audio Interception and wired microphones
  • Transmitting GPS tracking
  • Sound Activated Bug



  • Protect Phone Conversations / Protection Against Phone Taps
  • Find Hidden Cameras, GPS Car Tracking Devices, Telephone Taps, Laser Taps
  • Prevents Recordings from voice-activated recorder, tape, digital & parabolic reflector using white noise generator

Hidden Spy Camera Detection

Hidden Spy Camera Detection


Bug Prevention – Has an Audio Scrambler White Noise Generator Function for Complete Conversation Privacy.

Audio Scrambler White Noise Generator


This Bug Detector will generate a background “White Noise” (in the 40 ~ 50 dB range) in efforts to block any possible attempts for a person to bug you. This is static noise will disrupt any forms of bugging activities that use the following methods…

  • Laser Tapping Equipment
  • Voice Recorders
  • Parabolic Reflectors
  • and many other types of bugging devices…


Telephone Tap Detection & Prevention

Telephone Phone Tap Detection Tapping Prevention

  • Can Detect Wire Taps on Land Lines or IP phones
  • Can Detect Telephone Tappings & landline Tapping
  • Can Detect Illegal Phone Bridging


Laser Tap Detection

Laser Listening Surveillance Listener

Laser Listening or Laser Tapping is a popular surveillance method used in the United States and South America. In this case, Long Range laser Window Bounce Listeners are aimed at your glass windows from the exterior. The laser will then measure the vibrations of your window & the wave patterns are converted into voice. This will allow a person to discretly eavesdrop inside your property without ever stepping inside.


The Frequency Finder Bug Detector will protect your from many types Spy Bugs that can be a major threat. Why give a thief, hacker, competitor or stalker access to your sensitive personal information or private company data. Nowadays, many thieves are using tiny eavesdropping equipment, audio bug, micro spy cameras, covert video surveillance equipment & several other surreptitious eavesdropping equipment to do harm. They can use these gadgets to break into your home, harm your family, steal your identity, steal company trade secrets, extortion & much more.


Want to Make over $1500 In under than 4 Hours Performing Debugging Services for Home, Auto Or a Business that suspects of having Spy Hidden Cameras or Eavesdropping Devices. 

Without any doubt, Debugging Service is a very interesting and lucrative businesses. The TSCM Surveillance industry is growing with opportunities for counter surveillance experts who may offer Bugsweep services for companies, attorneys or the general public. Many people fear they are victims of corporate espionage, social media stalking on Facebook, cellphone spying, iPhone spy software, Blackberry Spyware, Android cellular phone interception or many other forms of invasion of privacy. Now you may offer your clients Technical Surveillance Counter Measures or De-Bugging Services with our Frequency Finder Bug Detector Device.


Includes :

  • Ac adapter
  • Detection Device Unit
  • Lens finder attachment
  • Telephone connector
  • 2 tele phone cables
  • Quick start guide and instructions
  • Earphone
  • Carry strap



  • 4 1/4″ x 2 1/4″ x 1″


Frequency Range:

  • Can detect frequencies from 10MHz up to 8GHz.


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