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Search Property Records Search by Address if you need to find the registered property address for a person or find the properties that someone owns from a specified name. Order Property Records by Address online.

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Need to Find Property Records by address or Property Owner Search by address ? The Property Records Search by Address will help you find property owner of any address in all major cities within the United States. Our Address Property Record Search allows you to identify who lives at a particular address or residence. On our web site easily locate property owners info by address with our Real Property Search.

If you need to locate property that a person owns, from name order the :  Property Records Search By Name

Easily search property records by address to find who owns a property.Locating owners information is simple by just ordering a Property search by address, city, state or county. Our Address Property Record Searches allows you to locate persons properties or identify who lives at a particular address such as a home, condominium, apartment building, condo, etc, (trailer homes not included)…. This Address Property Search will return the registered property records for the specified street address reported by the county assessor’s office. 


Results that you will receive from the Property Records Search By Address :

  • Owners full name
  • Owners mailing address
  • Owners telephone number (If Available)
  • Parcel number
  • Value of home / property
  • And other details of property available


Requirements to Find Property Records from Address :

  • Subjects Complete Address, city, state and zip code to search (US Only)
  • Note: This property search will not return records for industrial or commercial properties.


Frequently asked questions about the Property Records Searches.

  • The person that you search will not know they were searched.
  • Your property record searches are not shared with anyone.
  • Search to locate property owner is performed by our detective agency.
  • Quick results of the Property Search By Address are sent directly to your email.
  • The results on your reverse property lookup is not resold.
  • Results of your Property History Search are available within 3-8 business days.


Trust the leader in public record searches online. Some other similar database searches available include;  public property records, property history by address, property tax records, sdat, mls and more on our website….Order your Property Records Search by Address


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