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FIND PEOPLE BY OLD ADDRESS easily with this search when all you have is the persons Last Known Address.

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If you only have a persons Last Known Address…the FIND PEOPLE BY OLD ADDRESS is the ideal search for you.

Guarantee:  No Information – No Charge *

  • No Hit – No Fee….. If no info is obtained we will refund you your Search Fees


Results that you will receive.

  • Persons Current address as reported by the major credit bureau’s
  • Persons current telephone number (if available)
  • Address history for person searched for the past 12-15 years
  • AKA’s – Aliases used



  • Persons first name, last name
  • Persons Last Known address or old address.
  • We are only able to search in the US.
  • The subject may not be a celebrity or public figure.


The “Find Person by old address” allows you to locate a person and find a person that has moved. This person search is a great way to find a person or locate a person when ALL you have on the person is an old address. Using the old address our private detectives and research investigators can locate the persons new current address or most recent reported address as long as the old address that is used is no older than 10 years old. What we mean by 10 years old is it has not been more than 10 years since the individual that you are searching has lived at the address you provide to us.

Our Private Detectives take the persons old address provided by you and enter the address into an extensive nationwide database used by private detectives, law enforcement, and government agencies. They then analyze all information found in efforts to obtain the missing persons new current address. After locating a match our private investigators will provide you with a detailed due diligence report on the missing person.

The “Find Person by old Address” has a very high success rate of 98.7%, and has a “No Hit – No Fee”… That simply means that if our private investigators don’t find a match on the person you want to locate from the information submitted by you…our detective agency will simply give you a full refund for our investigation fees…Our people finder services are the best. Our private investigators can help you find someone online fast and are very effective when you need to find a person, find missing persons, locate people, and locate person online. Our Investigation Agency has the best people finder and missing person detectives.


Frequently asked questions about this search.

  • The Missing person you search for will not know they were being searched.
  • All Information and search results are completely 100% confidential.
  • All Searches are performed by a private detective.
  • All Search results are sent directly to your email
  • All Search Results are available within 2-5 business days.


Find Missing Persons Online today….Order the Find Person by Old Address 


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