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Do You Need to locate a missing person ? If you only have a persons first and last name…Then the FIND PERSON BY NAME is the best people search for you.

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Need help on how to find a missing person or lost relative but only have the persons name ? Now you can Find People by Name or approximate age. 

This people search only requires a first, and last name to order, plus any information you may have available on the missing person including: the persons last know address.

Guarantee:  No Information – No Charge *

  • No Hit – No Fee….. If no info is obtained we will refund you your Search Fees


Results you will receive when we Find People by Name.

  • Persons Current address reported with Major Credit Bureau’s
  • Complete Address History (past 10-15 years)
  • SSN Validation (Truncated)
  • Persons current telephone number (if available).
  • AKA’s – Aliases associated to the subject
  • Other names and address associated with the Social Security number.

Requirements to Find People By Name.

  • Persons first and last name.
  • Date of Birth or Approximate Age
  • If Available, please previous last known addresses within the past 10 years
  • We can only search in the Unites States (USA People Search)


NOTE: If Available, please provide us with other names of persons who may be living with subject, plus any other information you think is important in efforts to help our private detectives obtain the best results available. If you only have the persons first and last name then our find a person by name is the search to order.

The “Find People by Name” has an extremely high success rate of 97.9%, and has a “No Hit – No Fee”… Which means If our private investigators and research detectives cannot find an accurate match on the subject from the information submitted by you…you simply don’t pay anything..and our detective company will reimburse you your fees.

It is Very simple to Find Person by Name !…..If the name you provide is not a very common name, then we should be able to find a match easily. However, If the name that you plan on searching is a common name such as John Smith, then we suggest you that you provide us with other information on the missing person so that we may obtain a higher success rate on locating a missing person. All people Searches are conducted by a professional skiptracer or people finders who are licensed private investigators from our detective agency.

Frequently asked questions about our People Search.

  • The person you search for will not know they were being searched.
  • All Information and search results are completely 100% confidential.
  • All Skip Trace Searches are performed by our private detective company.
  • All Skiptrace Search results are sent directly to your email.
  • All Search Results are available within 2-5 business days.


Get your proof ! Find Persons By Name on our website,….Beware ! Do not lookup People with those so called instant people locator websites or skip tracers that claim they know how to find a person and offer free search for people on their people search engines. They are usually basic database brokers that will return white pages people search results or outdated public records when finding people online or locating people for you. Trust real Detectives that know how to find persons. We are also experts at social media skiptracing such as ; Instagram search people, yahoo people search, facebook people search. Get results ! Lookup People with our professional team of due diligence experts today.


Need advise on How to find Someone ?

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