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Investigate a job candidate or current employee today ! Order the EMPLOYEE BACKGROUND CHECK & verify an employees criminal history, identity and other crucial facts before they are hired..

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Do you want to investigate an employees background or verify their true identity ? The Employee Background Check is the correct Background Search for you whenever you need to obtain as THE MOST information on any candidate or current employee at your company.


Guarantee:  No Information – No Charge *

  • No Hit – No Fee….. If no info is obtained we will refund you your Search Fees



  • Verify Name of Person / Verify Identity
  • Validates SSN
  • Current Reported Address(es)
  • Address History
  • National Criminal History Search / Arrest or Conviction Records
  • Prior Civil Records
  • Judgement, Bankruptcies and Liens
  • Verify Phone Listings
  • Check Death Records
  • Registered Corporations
  • Drivers license information
  • Professional Licenses
  • Real Estate Property / Properties owned
  • Neighbors with listed phone numbers
  • Address history for person searched for past 12-15 years
  • AKA’s, Aliases or Other names, & address associated with the Social Security number
  • Plus information from extensive national and state criminal record databases..



  • Persons First and Last name (Include middle name if known)
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Street Address
  • Social Security Number
  • We can only do Background Check for Employees in the US..


NOTE : Employers requesting an Employee background check for the purposes of verifying employee criminal record or employment screening on a candidate or employee, must sign and submit to us an Employement Screenng Consent from the candidate.


An Pre Employment Background Check is very important in the hiring process. Especially if the job responsibilities involve sensitive information, dealing with the public or high security such as in a bank, school, child care, retail store, restaurant or office. Our Employee Background Investigators can easily verify all submitted applicant information such as resumes, references, etc,..Perform a pre-employment screening on your next candidate before they are hired for that special position. Employers must be responsible and always perform an Employer Background Check to always verify employee criminal history, financial responsibility and identity before it is too late ! …. If the position requires a level of high security or trust, you should definitely consider to order an Employment Background Check on your next candidate. Get the peace of mind you and your business deserve before it is too late with our Employee Screening Services…. (We also offer employee drug screening services,..call for more details about all our back ground searches.)

The “Employee Background Check” has a very high success rate of 98.3%..

The Employee Background Search is a very very popular and affordable Employee Background Check For Employment online. The Employee Background Report will include a persons complete background profile and also verify all of the persons reported information.

Order your Employee Background Check Online Now at our employee criminal background check web site at the lowest cost on the web. All Employment Background Checks are conducted by professional & licensed private detectives that are experts at Employee Background Screening Services.


Frequently Asked Questions about our “EMPLOYEE BACKGROUND CHECKS”:

  • The employee you investigate must sign an employee background screening form
  • All Employee Record Search results are completely 100% confidential.
  • All Background Check Employee Searches are performed by licensed detectives
  • All Employee Screening Search results are sent directly to your email.
  • All Employment Background Search Results are available within approximately 3-9 business days.

Order Background Checks for Employers Now ! Investigate Employees Backgrounds on our website at a low price !

Order your Employee Background Check

--Persons First and Last Name.

Persons Date of Birth "OR" Social Security Number "OR" Last Known Home Address

--Person must be over 18 years of age.
--Person searched must be a US citizen.
--We can only search in the US.

-Full name of Person
-Person Current reported address city, state, and zip
-Persons current telephone number(s) if available
-Past telephone number(s) if available
-Active Cellular Phone Number (if Available)
-Address history for person searched for past 12-15 years
-Drivers license registered address for subject
-AKA’s Others that use the same social security number
-Other names, and address associated with the Social Security number
-Other social security number(s) used by the subject.
-And much much more information.....

Please allow approximately 3-8 business days to complete the National Comprehensive Persons Search Report.
There is a $29 no hit fee if we cannot locate the subject.

NOTE: Please provide us with as much additional info you have available on the missing person including:
The persons last known residence address, middle name, other persons who may be living with the subject, plus any other known information in efforts to help our private detectives and research department find the most acurate results available.


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