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Checkmate Semen Detection Kit


Want the best ways to catch a cheating spouse or partner ? Here is a Low Cost Way To Catch A Cheater fast with our Infidelity Test.

  • This Semen Detection Kit can Detect Semen Stains on Men or Women’s clothing
  • This undetectable Semen test kit will not stain your clothes
  • Get Instant Results – Catch a cheating wife or husband

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Having Signs of Infidelity ? Then you need to buy Semen Detection Kit ! The Checkmate Infidelity Test kit is affordable and easy-to-use. Why hire private detectives when you can do the semen analysis at home with total privacy…Do it Yourself and get “Yes” or “No” results in minutes with our accurate, quick and Reliable Semen Detection Infidelity Test from Checkmate.

CheckMate is a popular home use forensic semen testing for instant semen detection. It utilizes similar technology used in rape and homicide investigations. Checkmate quickly detects even the smallest microscopic traces of dried semen fluid found in underwear after sexual activity. It has been sold worldwide for over 14 years.

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the Today Show, Fox News, CNN, Howard Stern, Dr. Phil, Maury Povich, The View, Playboy, Newsweek, Popular Science, FHM, Maxim, Reuters and other tv shows.

Are you concerned with spousal infidelity or suspect your teen is having sexual activity ? Stop living in doubt ! Our Checkmate Semen Detection Kit can Detect invisible semen stains on clothing or check suspicious stains faster than any other forensic test for semen. Test Sperm Stains today and confirm your doubts ! Detect semen in under 3 minutes with the Infidelity check mate kit.

All “Semen Detection Kits” come with 10 semen detection tests which may be used on several pieces of clothing. Get your confidential home semen test kit results instantly. No need to send the specimen to a DNA laboratory to test semen stains.


Instructions on Using the Semen Detection Kit :

Wet the suspected garment area, blott with testing pad, allow testing pad to dry, mix bottle with liquid and bottle with reagents, drop few drops of mixture on testing pad. If the test paper changes to a purple color, the clothing has tested positive for semen and there is good reason to suspect your spouse has been unfaithful.


Features of the Infidelity CheckMate Semen Detection Test Kit:

  • Perform infidelity semen testing in minutes
  • Checkmate test works on both women and men clothing
  • Detect Semen Stain for up to 2 years if cloths have not yet been washed
  • Does not leave any residue or marks on the garment
  • Works on any type of material and any color
  • Laboratory Tested and Proven !
  • Sperm Test Kit will also detect semen fluid from vasectomized males
  • Will also detect other bodily fluids such as vaginal secretions
  • All items safety sealed
  • Infidelity Sperm Test Kit is Guaranteed accuracy
  • CheckMate Infidelity Test will be shiped in plain unmarked box


For best results on the Sperm Detection Kit,… you should test garments for semen that haven not been washed yet. Invisible dried semen may easily be detected for up to two years if the cloths have not been washed. It is recommended to try to refrain from having sex with your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or lover for a few days and then use the checkmate semen detection kit to test clothing that was worn on suspected days you think the cheater commited the affair.

The detection of semen on female clothing after a period of abstinence is essentially conclusive evidence. Detecting semen on male clothing is not conclusive proof of infidelity or adultery, because of numerous factors that are unique to males.

Included in the Box:

  • Checkmate Semen Detection Kit with 10 Forensic Semen Tests included
  • Instruction manual for checkmate Test


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do men use CheckMate?

A normal cleansing action known as "flowback" may actually cause a females body to secrete microscopic amounts of the male partners semen for approximately upto 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse, (even after showering). This "flow back" results in dried semen stains in her underwear that can later be instantly detected with this revolutionary semen detecting product. If you think she is 'cheating' this is the easiest, fastest and most economic method to find out if they are cheating.

Because with CheckMate she brings the evidence home to you without even knowing it. Does CheckMate detect semen or sperm ?

CheckMate is a semen detection test kit that detects semen, not sperm. That way if the man who deposited the suspected semen stain has had a vasectomy performed CheckMate will still instantly detect that dried semen stain on any type or color of fabric.

How old can the stain suspected semen stain be ?

Dried semen is a very resilient substance that can live on as testable evidence for many year under the right conditions. Simply store the suspected article in a paper bag at normal room temperature and perform the test when your kits arrive.

------TEST A MAN------

How do women use CheckMate ?

The typical female user of the CheckMate product is a woman who has discovered visibly suspicious stains that she feels are associated with some type of suspicious activity and she is usually purchasing the product to prove that the stains are really semen. Each test kit can test 5 to 10 items for the presence of semen and you get a second test kit free with every order. Instant results - Instant information.

What does a dried semen stain look like ?

In the vast majority of cases a quick visual examination of the article will tell you if there is any reason to perform the CheckMate test. A dried semen stain is a three dimensional type stain that can be felt or touched and it will give the material in question a stiff starchy feeling or appearance that professionals call a "board like" consistency.

How do men use CheckMate ?

A normal cleansing action we call "flowback" can actually cause the female body to secrete small amounts of the male partners semen for up to and around 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse, even after showering, resulting in dried semen stains in her underwear that be instantly detected with this revolutionary product. If you think she is 'cheating' this is the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to find out what's really going on in your relationship without having to ask. Because with CheckMate she brings the evidence home to you without even knowing it.


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