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Cellphone Recon


Want to monitor a cellphone in real-time on-line to protect your children ? Need to record text messages, E-mails, calls received or made on your mobile phone ? With the Cellphone Recon Software you can now monitor a cell phone in real time ! Easily track, view and monitor cell phone call logs, sent and received emails, GSM text messages and GPS locations of a cellular phone via your private web based account. Compatible with android, Windows Mobile, Symbian OS smartphones or blackberry cell phones. 100% Confidential.

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Install Cellphone surveillance software directly on almost any cell phone with the CellPhone Recon. Monitor your employee company phones, Monitor children’s phones, or use it to keep a backup copy of your own phone data.

Why use the “Cell Phone Recon” ?

The Cell Phone Recon is a cellphone monitoring software used by law enforcement professionals, private investigators, employers and parents that need to trace, track and monitor their mobile phones. The Cellphone Recon Software can monitor call logs, sent and received emails and GSM text messages. Additionally, this affordable smartphone monitoring software uses an advanced GPS tracking technology, that can pinpoint the location of mobilephone via Google Maps. Now you can track the geographical location of the mobile phone every 10 or15 minutes. If the cell phone does not receive a strong signal from the satellites due to obstruction of sight or other cause, it will switch over to triangulate the phones approximate location (within a 500-meter radius) by using GSM technology.

With Cell Phone Recon anyone can now obtain a very detailed record of all of the cellphones activity or simply back-up cell phone data.

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This Remote Cellphone Tracking software is easy to use via the web. All you have to do is obtain permission from the owner of the phone, install a cellphone spy application on the phone and provide your phone’s IMEI number. All important information will be clearly displayed on your online secured account. Should the cellular phone records get deleted do not ever get worried, because all of the mobiles erased data will always be instantly and silently captured before deletion and will be always accessible for you to review via your online secure control panel. Its completely stealth and untracebale.

With your purchase of the CellPhone Recon, users will have unlimited access to the software for up to 5 years from the activation date. After this time, you can simply renew for an extended period of time by contacting our miami spy shop. Note: one serial key will be issued per order and may only be used by one phone at a time. (it may be transferred to other phones).

After obtaining the cell phone owners consent, you may use the Recon Spy Software to track, view and monitor all employee or childrens cellphone activity.

Stop worring about your kids or employees safety or security. Visit our Miami Spy Shop for information or Cell Phone Recon Reviews. Install CellPhone Recon on Android or smart phone today.



        • Monitor mobilephone call logs – (Calls received, made or missed).
        • Install CellPhone Spy Program on your own phone to quickly backup the device
        • Monitor emails sent and received by the mobile phone
        • View text messages sent and received
        • GSM Tracking and GPS tracking displayed with a link to Google Maps
        • Find your loved ones whereabouts 24/7
        • Track your children on the web
        • View all HTML email content and embedded images
        • Monitoring your employees in realtime
        • Locate your phone on line if it gets stolen or lost
        • Setup is normally quick and easy and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.



Smartphone Requirements

The Recon is compatible with the following mobilephones : Android, Black berry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian OS smartphones, such as; the following phone models : Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Nokia and more.

The CellphoneRecon is compatible with the following smart phone carriers : Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Orange, Alltel, Spirit, O2 and other carriers..Internet connection is must be enabled to have a properly working Cell Phone Recon.

Technical Specifications Cell Phone Recon is compatible with most smartphones, including :

  • Symbian OS8.x thru OS 9.x Blackberry, Android (update available soon for 4.x and up)

  • .
  • Does NOT work on Apple iPhones

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