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Cell Phone Recording Ear Bud Microphone


Need to Record Your Private Phone Conversations ? Now you may discreetly Record Cell Phone Calls, Voicemails or LandLine Calls to your voice recorder with the covert Earbud Microphone.

  • To be used with analog or Digital Voice Recorder (Not Included)
  • Works with All Telephones and Cellphones
  • Totally undetectable – looks like an ordinary earbud speaker.

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Spy Earbud Microphone To Record Phone Calls

Want to Record a Cell Phone Call onto your Voice Recorder ?….Now you can buy this ordinary looking cellphone earbud and record phone call conversations directly to your digital recorder.

Easily Record Phone Call Conversation on a Mobile Phone, cordless / wired landline telephone, Iphone, Android, Blackberry or home phone with our two-way Cell Phone Earbud Microphone.

The Cell earbud mic looks just like an ordinary looking ear bud speaker used to listen to music. But in reality, it is a Covert Spy Microphone hidden inside an ear bud that records sounds instead of playing sounds. The ear bud microphone plugs into most analog and digital audio recorders, and saves all the audio into your voice recorder. Our earbud microphone is the simplest way to record all your important cell phone conversations.


How the Earbud Microphone Works :

1) Plug the microphone jack of the Earbud Mic into the input of your voice recorder.

2) Stick the earbud microphone in your ear and place the phone over the same ear.

3) Make a call or answer a call on your mobilephone or land-line telephone.

4) Press record when you are ready to begin recording phone call conversations.


Make sure you hold the phone upto the same ear that the mic is in. The mic will record both sides of the conversation but will not get in the way of you hearing the person on the other end of the call. The spy earbud mic has high-quality sound recording that sounds super clear.


The Earbud Microphone works best with the Forus Audio Recorder

Recording Cell Phone Calls is super easy with our Earbud Spy Microphone.  Now you can silently record both sides of phone conversion directly from your mobile phone.



Features of the Earbud Microphone :

  • Record Both Sides of a Call to your analog or digital recorder
  • High-Fidelity Spy Earbud Microphone
  • Earbud Mic works with any telephone or cellphone
  • Voice Recorder is not included
  • Your Recorder must have microphone input jack


Stop wondering how to record phone calls on Mobile Phone…now you can record mobilephone calls at a low cost….This Telephone recorder earpiece adapter is the most affordable way to record mobile calls without drawing any suspicion to yourself….Smart Phone Call Recording could never be this simple !,…stop searching for audio spy microphones online…visit our spy shops or shop on our website now for low price audio spy mic products….just Buy the Earbud Microphoneto record a call on cellular.


Common Uses of Recording CellPhone Calls with the Earbud Mic:

  • Workplace harassment
  • Stalking cases
  • Record threatening phone calls
  • Divorce matters
  • Custody battles
  • Business conferences
  • Phone threats
  • Peace of mind


Whats Included :

  • Cell Phone Recording Earbud Microphone
  • Instruction manual


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