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Bionic Ear Parabolic Microphone Listening Device


Need to listen from far ? Amplify Audio sounds easily with our Bionic Ear Parabolic Microphone Set by pointing the Parabolic Microphone in the direction of the sound. The Bionic Ear Listening Device is used by private investigators, law enforcement & security professionals.

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Need to amplify distant sounds or listen from a distance ? Now you can amplify sounds with our Bionic Ear and Audio Booster Set. Easily listen to distant sounds by pointing the Parabolic Microphone Dish in the direction of sounds up to approximately 100 yards away.

Our Amplified Audio Listening Device comes with a long distance 12″ Parabolic Dish Microphone, high-gain Amplifier and headphones. The LS5 Parabolic Mic also has a recorder output jack that can allow for easy and covert long distance recording. Now you can covertly record distant sounds picked up by our Affordable Bionic Ear Listening Device.

Features of the Parabolic Microphone :

  • Hear distant sounds that are up to 100 yards away
  • Audio recorder jack can record audio sounds that are picked up


SHIPPING NOTE:  The the LS-5 Parabolic Microphone, Amp & Headphone Kit is oversized and may incur additional shipping costs.


Whats Included with the Professional Parabolic Microphone :

  • 12″ Parabolic Microphone Dish
  • Head phones


Specifications :

  • Frequency response of 100-10KHz
  • Can record sounds with the Output jack
  • Gain amp cut off at 90dB
  • Battery life :40 hour
  • Amplifies sounds by 40 dB
  • 9V battery (not included)
  • Independent volume controls located on the headset
  • Line in jack impedance of 10V maximum
  • Mic sensitivity : -46dB

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