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Need to Find bankruptcy records, tax liens and judgements on a person ? Order our Bankruptcy Court Records Search and Search Bankruptcies online now.

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Need to Search Bankruptcies, Judgments or Liens for people…Find Bankruptcy Records for a person on-line. Our Bankruptcy Records Search will locate bankruptcy records, judgments and liens that someone has.

Want to Locate Bankruptcy Records or Search Bankruptcy Court Records for someone ? Our Bankruptcy Record Searches allows you to locate persons bankrupties, civil judgments and liens for someone. Property Records Search is one of our most commonly requested public records searches on line.  Locating bankruptcy records is simple and affordable with us. Our detective agency receives approximately 50 weekly requests for bankruptcy searches online. 


Results that you will receive on the Property Records Search by Name :

  • All recorded bankruptcies, liens & judgments filed for the subject
  • You must select the state to search for bankruptcy records in
  • Note: We will only return up to 10 records matching submitted criteria


Search Requirements.

  • Persons Full Name (or company name)
  • State to n for bankruptcy records

Bankruptcy Court Search Details Included :

      • Bankruptcies: Will usually provide the debtor name, type of bankruptcy, bankruptcy court location, address, truncated social security number, attorney’s name, bankruptcy petition date and docket number.
      • Tax Liens: The Filings will provide info on federal and state tax lien from numerous states in the USA. Will usually contain the type of tax lien, the filing date, the tax amount that is owed, tax payers ID number & address, the debtors name, release information, court location and taxing agency.
      • Judgments: This Record will include info on civil judgment and small claims monetary judgments which are more than $100. Will also usually provide the type of judgment, debtor name and address, case number, court location and plaintiff name, amount awarded and judgment date registered.


You may Identify Bankruptcy Filings, Tax Liens & lower court Judgments filed on an person within specific states in the USA.

Our Bankruptcy, Liens and Judgments search is obtained from all Federal Bankruptcy Districts. (updated on a daily basis). It may reveal information regarding certain filings including the debtor name, address, filing date, discharge, trustee, attorney names, dismissal or conversion date, truncated social security number, originating court information and bankruptcy type – Ex: (Chapter 7, 11, 12 or 13).

The bankruptcy case search information gathered includes current Bankruptcy data from 50 different states Plus includes Tax Liens and Judgments from up to 36 diferent states.

Record Source for Bacruptices are collected directly from U.S. Bankruptcy Courts / Federal Bankruptcy Districts. (Bankruptcy Recordings are available from 1992 to current date).

Tax Lien Filings are directly obtained from County Recorder offices in numerous U.S states and

Judgments are obtained from District and Municipal Courts in several US states.

Judgment and Lien collected info may vary depending on the cities population (most areas are usually collected weekly…. However, some rural areas are may only be collected on an annual basis).



Civil Judgments & Tax Liens:  The following is a description of the start dates and coverage areas available. (Collected only for the following 36 U.S states.)

State Start Date State Start Date State Start Date
Alaska 1995 Iowa 1993 N. Dakota 1992
Arizona 1994 Kansas 1992 Ohio 1995
Arkansas 1994 Kentucky 1993 Oklahoma 1991
California 1992 Louisiana 1992 Oregon 1993
Colorado 1992 Michigan 2000 S. Dakota 1996
Delaware 2001 Minnesota 1993 Tennessee 1997
Florida 1995 Mississippi 1996 Texas 1993
Guam 1992 Missouri 1991 Utah 1993
Hawaii 1994 Montana 2001 Washington 1993
Idaho 1993 Nebraska 1993 West Virginia 2001
Illinois 1992 Nevada 1992 Wisconsin 1994
Indiana 1992 New Mexico 1992 Wyoming 1993

The Bankruptcy Court Records from our Licensed Detective Agency has a success rate of over 97.3% and is conducted by licensed Private Investigators in Miami Florida. Order Property Records on line now from our detective agency. Our Private Investigation Company has extensive experience in due diligence, record searches, public record searches and other background investigation services.


Frequently asked questions about the Bankruptcy Court Records  :

  • The person you search for will not know they were being searched.
  • All Bankruptcy Searches from name are completely 100% confidential.
  • Bankruptcy Court Search is performed by a private detective or Skiptracer
  • All Bankruptcy Search Records are sent directly to your email.
  • Most Bankruptcy Searches are available within 2-5 business days.


Need a Bankruptcy Lookup ? Need to locate bankruptcy case records ?

…Order your Bankruptcy Court Records


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