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Our advanced – criminal check will allow you to check the persons criminal records by state level, county level and also includes a basic people search. The basic person search will include all the results of our basic people search as well as a criminal check with detailed information for a great price.

In detail…

The criminal check by county/ This will show you all criminal records held at state level. This often shows misdemeanor records, felony, and convictions. If the county to search is unknown this search is for you. With the start of the basic people search will will locate the person then search the county that they are living in.

The basic people search part/ This part will give you more details on the subject you are searching. By providing us with at least a name, and a state to search we will in return many details on the subject such as their full name, current address, past addresses, date of birth, current telephone number, past telephone numbers, and much more detailed results. This search will also show if the person you are searching is a sex offender.

This is a great search to run if you do not know where the person lives, and need to locate the person, and locate any criminal records.

You must also provide us with the subjects full name, and a state to search. These are the minimum requirements. A social security number is very helpful, as well as a date of birth, or any other identifying information.

Results that you will receive.

  • All criminal records held at county level.


  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors.
  • Drug traffic violations.
  • Embezzlements.
  • Fraud violations.
  • Theft charges.
  • Grand theft charges.
  • Child abuse violations.
  • Sexual offenses.
  • Domestic violence charges.
  • Assault and battery charges.
  • Any warrants held at state level.
  • And any other criminal records on the subject.
  • And any other offences..
  • You will also receive this information on the person you are searching…
  • Full name
  • Social security number (trunk)
  • Middle name
  • Current address
  • Current city, state, and zip
  • Current telephone number
  • Past telephone number
  • Notification if telephone number is unlisted
  • Address history (past 15 years)
  • Drivers license number
  • AKA’s Others that use the same social security number
  • Other names, and address associated with the SSN
  • Other social security numbers used by the subject.
  • And more.
  • This search will provide court dates, trials, and other details on the charges if available.


  • The subject must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Subject must be a US citizen or Resident.
  • Subjects full name required (first and last name).
  • A state, city to search in. (Where subject most likely lives)

Faqs about this search.

  • The person that you search will not know they were searched.
  • Your information is not shared with anyone.
  • All Information is stored with security 24/7.
  • This information is free of charge. You pay for our labor and services only.
  • Search performed by an employee at our detective firm.
  • Technical support phone number and email.
  • Quick results sent directly to you.
  • Guaranteed credit card safety.
  • The results you receive are not resold.
  • Most results available within 1 day to 1 week.

**Note some counties in some states may take longer.


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