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25 Day Flash Drive Voice Activated Spy Audio Recorder USB


The most discreet voice activated Spy Voice recorder available. Extremely Covert Digital Audio / Voice Recorder with Long Battery Life. This Spy Flash Drive Recorder can record up to 144 hours of audio with a 25-day Standby battery life ! Place it anywhere and return back days or weeks later to retrieve the recorded audio.

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This is our very best flash drive spy voice recorder ever ! It has both continuous recording and voice activation modes. It can record covert audio with its internal battery power or record while it is plugged into a computer or a USB wall charger.

The most amazing feature about our Voice Activated Recording Device is that while on voice activation mode, it has a 25 day standby time on the battery.

This new Voice-Activated USB drive looks and functions like an ordinary USB flash drive or memory stick. However, this storage device conceals a high-gain hidden microphone inside USB.  Just slip the spy audio recorder MQ-300 into your pocket, drawer, briefcase, purse or vehicles glove compartment and leave it alone for days or weeks of discreet recording. The hi-fidelity sound quality of the USB Audio Recorder is so good that it can pick up amazing hi-quality audio even when enclosed inside of something. This esonic Audio Spy Recorder can pick up just about any sound inside a room within approximately 25-35 feet diameter range.

Voice-activation mode / VOR.  Save battery and avoid long hours of silent recording with the voice-activation feature of this USB Spy Voice Recorder. This spy voice activated recorder may be left on standby mode for up to 25 days and will record when it detects any voices. Most importantly !…. this voice activated audio recording device may also record while it is plugged in or charging on your Computer.(eliminate the worry of running out of battery power)

25 day stand by voice spy recorder mq300voice recorder usb audio recorder digital 25 day stand by

Not only can it record audio, it can also function as an ordinary flash drive and can store other documents or files. Easily recharge, upload and delete audio files with any windows or Mac computer. When you are ready to listen to the recorded audio, simply plug the USB Spy Flash Drive Voice Recorder Memoq in to a Windows or MAC computer to easily listen to the audio files.

The USB Voice Spy is portable and simple to use. Covert Audio Recording is as simple as touching one single button. This VOX Audio Recording Device allows you to choose from normal non-stop recording or voice activation recording. Use this Spy Audio USB at your school, office, or home to covertly record voice as a mystery shopper or detective. Or simply record meetings, interviews, reminders or notes at work.



  • Ultra-Sensitive Internal Microphone
  • Voice activated recording
  • Extreme Long Battery Life – Up to 25 day standby time
  • Law Enforcement Grade
  • Operates as a Flash Drive and a Covert Audio Recorder
  • 15 Hour Battery Life OR 25 Day Standby Time
  • Upload recordings to any Windows or Mac Computer
  • Easy On/Off RecordingMP3 audio format
  • MP3 Audio Format
  • Choose Black or White Color
  • 144 Hours of Recording Storage
  • Microphone Sensitivity: 15 ft, 30 ft Diameter
  • Two Recording Options: 1) sound activation OR 2) continuous recording


  • 25-Day Stand by Mini USB Voice Recorder 4GB
  • Instruction Manual

Compatible With

  • Operating systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Mac, Linux


Note: This Spy Audio Recorder device does not have the capability to reset or adjust the time stamp.
Note: VLC is recommended to play your audio files. The Free VLC program can be downloaded here.

  • Technical Specifications:

  • Standby Time: 25 Days
  • Recording Time: 144 hours
  • Battery Life: 15 hours
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hrs
  • Audio Format: MP3
  • Audio Quality: 64 Kbps
  • Type of Memory : Internal Storage 4GB
  • Voice Detection level: 60 dB
  • USB Interface: 2.0 USB
  • Weight: ½ oz / 13.2g
  • Dimensions: 2½" x 1" x ½"
  • Size: 68 x 10.5 x 20 mm
  • Player Software: VLC (recommended)


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