Hiring a Private Investigator

Private Detective Services and Investigation Services may be provided by our Private Detective Agency in Miami Dade, Broward County, Homestead, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale ,Florida, Texas, California, Michigan, Dallas, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Washington, Georgia and nationwide.

Once you’ve decided that you need to hire a Private Investigator in your city or state for private investigation services, you would need to know how to find a Private Investigator. But the question is, what do you look for and how to decide what private detective or private investigator to hire? Call our Private investigator consultants now.

First and foremost, you would probably want to find a Private Investigator or a detective agency that provides Investigation services in your desired city or search area. The Private Detective. Search for private investigators online carefully or search for detective agencies online or ask around to check if anyone has used a Licensed Private Investigator. Private Detective References from friends and associates are also sometimes a good choice when hiring a private detective or hiring detective services. The Private Investigators from our detective agency investigate numerous types of cases including, civil investigation, domestic investigations, criminal investigations, infidelity investigations, missing persons, skip trace services, marital investigation services, adultery investigation services, spousal surveillance services, cheating spouses, child custody investigations, child neglect investigations, insurance fraud investigations and more. Our Private Investigators conduct detective services nationwide. You may hire private investigations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Florida, California, Texas, New York, Dallas, Texas, Michigan or just about any city and state. Call our private detective company for a free consultation with a private investigator consultant in your state.

Private Investigation experience and Training are very important to a Private Investigator. A Licensed Private Investigator or private detective should always be effective in his detective services in efforts to minimize time and save the client money. Clients looking to hire investigation service should always study private investigator references, contact previous clients of the investigator and verify if the private investigator information is accurate.

Obviously if you are reading this, then you have access to the internet. There are a many Licensed Private Investigator consultants and prvt detective services on the internet, and sites where you may quickly learn where to find detective services, private investigation information or hire a private detective for private detective services. Always review your sources or search engines or private investigator directories designed for this specific reason.

Initially you should ask the private investigator consultant about the investigators training, PI experience and ask the PI what kind of investigative services the private eye specializes in. Advise the private detective what your case is about and explain you problem or what type of information you require. The pi investigator should be able to provide you with a rate for the pi services.


Private investigators or the private investigative agency should be licensed to conduct investigative service in the state your investigation is to be conducted. Some states dont have PI licensing requirements, but most states do. The last thing you would want to do is to hire Detective services from an un licensed PI.

Private investigators usually specialize in specific types of private investigations. Always ask the PI for their PI experience and PI qualifications to conduct your specific investigation. Also ask if the PI would provide you with an investigation report, video tape or some kind of proof the investigation was conducted. Most licensed private investigators and detectives use different skills to investigate persons or obtain information. An experienced PI detective or investigator should advise clients about their procedures.

Private Investigators should be up front to their clients about the cost of investigation services and the approximate length of time to complete the case. Clients should know in advance what it is that they are paying for. Clients need to find a private investigator that they can trust. All states with licensing requirements must have laws requiring private investigators to keep the identity of the client and the case results confidential. Private Detectives usually will not provide their clients names for confidentiality reasons therefore, references are not very easy to attain.


Some private detectives have little or no investigative background or investigation service experience. You shoild always verify qualifications and experience of the private investigator that will involved on your investigation. The more experienced the prvt detective is , the better the odds of achieving better results. Some people enroll in some Private Detective school and after two months, they become a P.I. Does that mean that they are qualified to investigate your case? Not necessarily! You must be aware that many PI agencies will even go as far as putting an intern straight out college, with no prior experience to work on your case in efforts to provide you with a lower hourly service rate. Always remember the rule of thumb…You Get What You Pay For…Cheaper is not the way to go when dealing with such a sensitive service.


Private Investigators and Private Investigative Agencies should always protect client case information. Our Detectives will not allow any information that belongs to our client, the clients identity, or the subject of the investigation, to be known or viewed by anyone other than the client or anyone the client authorizes with proper consent from the client. All Private Investigation Services are always discreet and confidential.

Private Detectives in our Detective Agency do not accept cases that may have a conflict of interest to any one of our clients. Our Detectives are obligated by state law not to disclose case information about the clients, the subject of the investigation, or otherwise to any other person or party unless the PI is ordered to do so by a court of law. If in any case, such a conflict of interest should arise, our PI Agency would decline the case due to possible conflict of interest without disclosing the reason for declining the investigation.

Persons or businesses may also hire private investigator consultant and hire detective services for locating people, research criminal records, retreive criminal records, online background investigations, court house record searches, cheating spouse investigations, marital infidelity investigations, spousal surveillance, cheating spouses, marital infidelity, infidelity detective service, video surveillance, hidden cameras, GPS vehicle trackers, GPS real time tracking, spy products, spy shop equipment, and pre-employment screening or tenant screening of household staff or office staff. Lawyers and Attorneys hire private investigators and detective services for video surveillance evidence, hidden video evidence, asset location, property records, record searches, document court house retrival, process service, video photography, witness interviews, recorded statements, video depositions, litigation support, trail preparation, personal injury investigations, criminal investigations, witness locating and levies execution. Insurance companies and risk managers hire private investigators and hire detective services for fraud investigations, locating missing persons, witness interviews and locating property, locating workers compensation claims , liability investigation services and video photography.


The private investigator consultant or detective who you consider to hire for investigation services is working for you as your private agent. If the investigator who is working on you case injures someone, runs over a person, damages someones vehicle or property as a result of an accident or presents false information, etc., The private investigators or PI Company must have enough liability insurance to cover the possible claim or loses. If the private investigation company does not have liability insurance, then the client would be exposed to damages are incurred. Contact our Private eyes for more details on our Investigative Services, spy products, spy shop products, GPS vehicle Trackers, etc.

Similar to many other professional services or legal services, clients should always get an investigation service contract and an confidentiality agreement from the private eye or from the private investigation company which indicates the details of your objective and why you are hiring the PI or what you are hiring PI Detective Services for and should include PI service details, and dates of PI services. Remember, the private investigator job is sonly to document the subject’s activities in a very discreet manner. The prvt detective company cannot guarantee the subject will do anything incriminating or even guarantee the subject will be active during the course of the surveillance or investigation. Simply said,..Private eyes are not magicians and cannot predict the future..


Private Investigators in our detective company specialize in civil and domestic investigations including, infidelity, missing persons, Child Neglect, Child Custody Investigations, Adultery, and marital infidelity investigations. Hire a Private Investigator consultant online today for your peace of mind or for your next trial and get the facts from a Private Investigation Company that is highly trained and experienced in Detective Service.

Hire Private Detectives for the following Private Investigation Services

Civil Investigations
Domestic Investigations
Corporate Investigations
Due Diligence
Locate Missing Persons
Child Custody Investigations
Spousal Surveillance Services
Covert Surveillance Service
Infidelity Private Investigations
Internet Video Surveillance
Hidden Surveillance Video Cameras
Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking
E-Mail Spy Software – Internet Surveillance
Insurance Fraud Investigations
Criminal Background Checks
Undercover Operations – Loss Prevention
Marital Infidelity Detective
Detective Service
Marital Private Investigation Services
Corporate Private Investigators
Due Dilligence

Call our Investigative Company now for advice and information on PI Services such as marital infidelity, cheating spouses, spousal surveillance, cheating husbands, cheating wives, adultery investigations, child custody investigations and any other domestic investigation services required.

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