Are you an employer needing to perform a comprehensive employee background checks or Pre-Employement Screening to learn the truth about a new or current employee ? We offer unique and affordable employee screenings and employee background checks customized for every employer.

Note: A pre-employment release form is required to request a preemployment screening.

Often times employees will fill-out resumes with false or inaccurate information. Everyday there are hundreds of unqualified applicants who slip through the cracks with false credentials to get employed in the United States. Some of the most frequently encountered problems found on employment resumes include altered dates, inflated salaries, false workers compensation claims, false job titles, inflated work duties or responsibilities, false prior employment history and whats worst…..undisclosed criminal histories. If you need to defend a lawsuit, need to make the right hiring decision,..we can help…Contact us if you need to know an employees background history, find employee criminal record or simply find employee criminal history….

A bad hire can cause a lot of damage to employers. The best thing is always to hire the right personnel so you can avoid dealing with inappropriate employee conduct, liability, litigation, theft, fraud and other business disruptions. Employing quality employees is now very fast and easy with our employee-screening agency.

Some of the specific information our employment screening services may include are; Criminal Records, Arrests, Vehicle Ownership, Employee Driving Records, Bankruptcy Filings, Relatives, Real Age, Lawsuits, Prisoner Information, Convictions Alias(es), Neighborhood Profiles, Past and Present Addresses, Phone Numbers, Judgments & Tax Liens, Property Ownership, Corporate Ownership, Military Background, Domain Name Ownership, U.C.C. Filings, Professional Licenses, Sex Offenders and more !

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Pre-Employment Screenings:

Hire the best Employment Screening Services ! Our Employee Criminal Background Checks will reveal all the Criminal History information available on any employee or new hire applicant ! Our Employee Record Searches and Criminal Background Records may Include: Criminal Backgrounds , Past & Present Addresses, Phone Numbers, Employment Backgrounds, Judgments, Tax Liens, Marriage Records, Professional Licenses, Vehicle Ownership, Corporate Ownership, Sex offenders, Property Records, Public Records Searches, Neighborhood Profiles, Accident Reports, Court Records, Lawsuits, Driving Records and more Record Searches related to criminal histories. Hire a licensed private detective from our Detective Agency and obtain criminal records fast.

Employee Screening Services are performed by our licensed private detectives. These employee background record searches are very effective in screening applicants, screening employees, screening tenants and obtaining their true profile. Our private investigators will conduct thorough employee background investigations on an applicant to determine both prior civil history and criminal history, driving record, criminal records , arrest records, etc. A pre-employment release form is required to be signed by the prospective employee and may be provided by our Private Investigation agency at no extra cost.

Need Background Checks For Employment ? When you need ACCURATE background information on employees, not OUTDATED database record searches offered by online data brokers, our Employee Screening Services are the best and most economical solution. We are not a database search company. We are a full service private detective agency specializing in employee background screenings. We get all the employee background check information quickly at a cost effective price.

Our licensed private investigators and employee research experts can get detailed background checks and criminal history records for employees quickly no matter where your employee lives. Our Affordable employee criminal background check information will assist employers in making the best hiring decisions. Perform a employee background check on your employee applicant or current employee with the best online employment screening agency. Verify identity, lifestyle, civil records and criminal records on your applicant or employee before it is too late ! When you need accurate information on an employees background, contact our professional private detectives and get the peace of mind you and your company truly deserves.

Employee Background Investigations

Need Specially customized employee investigations and research through on-site courthouse research or on-line databases ? Our Employee Screening Services may be utilized to confirm the subject character, reputation, employment status, civil history and criminal history.

Visit our Private Detective Agency today or contact us to speak with our licensed Private Investigators regarding Employment Screening Background Checks or other Pre Employment Screening Services. Our Due Diligence Experts have assisted thousands of Companies with all their employment research needs when they need to background check employees.

Call our investigation company today for expert advise on how to investigate employees with our Employee background Screening.

Order all your pre employee screening services and criminal record checks online with us now. Our private investigators understand the employee background check process when it comes to personnel screening, and will obtain accurate results.

We offer Affordable Pre-Employment Screening Services and background checks for employers.

Be careful with the so-called “Instant” Employee Screening Websites.

Most of the Online Employee Screening Web sites that you will find on the internet are NOT real licensed Detective Agencies. They are simply automated sites that search through old and outdated FREE public records, meaningless data or inaccurate information and then resell the applicant screening to you at an inflated price.

These so called “Instant employee background check” companies will NEVER provide you with an actual back ground check for employees because these companies are not not licensed private investigators and cannot have the resources that we have…They will never deliver the accuracy you want.

We offer quick, reliable and secure access to obtain Employee Criminal background checks at the state, county, and multi-state levels. Call us about Employee Criminal reports for employers, employment screening or tenant screening services. We also offer personal criminal records screening for individuals. There are no signup fees or long term obligations – prices listed for all Background Record Searches are per search.

Our Licensed Private Detective Agency in Miami offer several different nationwide employment background checks and Employment Screening Services for each state, customized to meet your specific background check needs so that you can save money. If you find that any of our packaged background checks are not what you require, feel free to contact our background check specialists. We run low cost back ground checks for employment every day in efforts to help all of our corporate clients.

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