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Audio / Video RF Bug Detectors / Protect Your Privacy

Are you being bugged at home, work or car by a Spy Listening Device ? Feel that someone may be watching you, tracking you or listening to your private conversations ? Prevent eavesdroppers today with Audio bug detectors & white-noise generators from SpyCenter. We sell portable counter surveillance equipment and TSCM units that fit in your purse, pocket or jacket. Our Handheld Bug Detectors can detect most bugging devices from about approximately 25-35 feet. Our Best Bug Detector / locator can help you locate hidden cameras, wireless mics, infinity mic, find GPS trackers, UHF wireless transmitters, GSM microphones and verify if your computer or phone is bugged. Our portable bug finders & sweepers will also alert you with beeps, lights or vibrations should it detect any bugs in the area…RF bug detectors can also help protect your vehicle from GPS tracking devices and other types of spy monitoring devices.

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