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Its a fact !! Today, sophisticated hackers and con-artists do not go around steeling wallets or picking your pocket in the street anymore. Nowadays, professional identity thieves are simply using hi-tech Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanners & other technology to steal all your sensitive & personal information remotely without accessing your cell phone or ATM cards or credit cards that remained in your pocket. RFID works similar to UPC codes where valuable information is encoded into a tag & may be read with radio frequency (RF). Stop thieves from scanning your information and stealing your identity or credit with an RFID scanner. Protect your identity with RFIS smart wallets, by blocking RFID chipped passports, creditcards, smart keys, ID’s, security badges, etc.. Secure your wallet and avoid identity theft…Encase your debit / credit cards and cellular phone in our Silent Pocket RFID Wallets before it is too late !

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