Feel as if your privacy is compromised ? Are you being bugged ? A Bug Sweep is what our TSCM counter surveillance experts can offer… Our Private Investigation Agency has highly skilled de-bugging professionals that perform electronic bug sweep services, TSCM bug sweeps and debugging services in efforts to locate hidden cameras, audio spy microphones, GPS trackers and other wireless bugs in your home or auto.

Our Bug sweeping services may detect and eliminate electronic eavesdropping devices and illegal surveillance devices in your property. Detection of bugs, detection of wiretaps, detection of hidden spy cameras, detection of GPS Tracking devices and more.

Just imagine that all of your private conversations with business associates, friends, family, your attorney, accountant or mistress were being monitored and bugged by someone else !

All Bug Sweep and Debugging Services are totally confidential. Call our TSCM experts today for more details on our De-bugging Services. Our Detective Agency strives to provide superior De Bugging and bug detection services to the general public, corporations and the legal community. We assist families, law firms and corporations nationwide with affordable bug sweep services.

Bug Detection

Need Eavesdropping Detection Services ? Electronic Bug Sweeping is the best method to protect your privacy…Our Counter-Surveillance experts offer Bug Detection Services that will discreetly inspect your residence or business and bug sweep or scan the area and eliminate telephone line bugs, covert hidden cameras and wiretaps using hi-tech wire tap detection sweeps, bug detection equipment, computer data line taps and telecommunications security line sweeps, and other bug sweeping products available. Our undercover operatives and licensed private investigators will bug sweep home or bug sweep conference room by using electronic room bug sweeping equipment. Call us today for info on all our bug sweep equipment & electronic bug sweeping detection products.

Our in-house spy shop showcases some of the best bug detectors, counter surveillance products and counter surveillance equipment which can detect electronic espionage , hidden bug detection, tapping, eaves dropping equipment, spy equipment and other bug transmitters or hidden video cameras or hidden microphones planted in your home or hidden bugs or hidden video cameras in your office or vehicle. In addition, our private investigation detective services perform a bug sweep service or de-bugging to inspect your vehicle for hidden mics, hidden cameras, or even hidden Real Time GPS Vehicle Trackers or Passive GPS Vehicle Trackers also known in spy shops as Data Loggers or GPS Passive Trackers. Our unparalleled Investigation Services combined with our many years of experience and investigative resources can effectively identify and locate those hidden bugging devices or hidden cameras or hidden microphones in your home or business office. Call our Spy Shop and Bug Detection Private detectives today for information on spy bugs, information on wiretaps, information on phone taps, or information on bug sweeps or bug detection services.

Call our company today for expert advise on how we may protect your privacy.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Despite bug detection laws and wire tapping laws designed to protect citizens from invasions of privacy, electronic eavesdropping bugs, wire taps and spy bugs are commonly purchased and used to regularly spy on people and businesses involved in sensitive matters.

Bug Sweep Miami Florida or Bug Sweep Detection in other states is available from our private investigation Agency. Our TSCM experts and Private Detectives may assist you or your business associates with TSCM electronic sweeping of your home or businesses in a discreet fashion. Our Bug Detection technicians are counter surveillance experts at discreetly locating phone taps, locating room bugs, locating microwave transmitters, locating hidden cameras and finding hidden bugs or finding hidden cameras or other types of listening devices and audio surveillance equipment.

TSCM Electronic De-Bugging Service
Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) is one of our best surveillance counter measures Services used to detect a bug. Bug-sweeping telephone line bugs, telephone bug wiretaps, detecting bugging devices (using wiretap detection), detecting electronic bugs, infinity transmitters, GSM bugs, UHF microphone transmitters, detecting hidden cameras, cellphone spy software, audio surveillance, computer data line taps, cellular spy software and other finding bugging equipment (telecommunications security), and bug-sweep services is available for your home, office, business or your conference rooms by using electronic room sweeping services, debugging devices and bug detection sweep service.

When you need an expert bug sweep in Miami Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach or a bug detection service in any other major city, contact our de-bugging experts and conduct Technical Surveillance Counter Measures. Our licensed Private Investigators are here to help.

Find covert electronic spy device, Audio surveillance transmitters, Find secret microphones, Find Bugs or telephone bugs today with our de-bugging services.

Contact us for details on Bug Sweeping Services, Counter Surveillance products, Bug Detection and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

(TSCM) Technical Surveillance Counter Measures is one of the many Services our Miami Private Investigation Agency offers.

Call us today for a confidential consultation on detecting spy bugs…..Hire Private Investigators in Miami Dade, Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Kendall, Coral Gables, Homestead, Hallandale, Doral, Weston, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Miami Beach, Deerfield Beach, Port St Lucie, Delray Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Naples and nationwide Bug Sweeps.


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