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Sell the right products on the internet today ! It is a fact, that surveillance and security products have been very much in demand after “911”. Today people are more concerned about their safety more than ever before. Despite this fact, security products are readily not available in stores and people dont know where to buy quality security products..…Think about it……When was the last time you visited a security store with a good selection of security and surveillance products?….That is why this is the best time to sell security products and private detective services…You too can be making a large amount of profit in retail sales online with our hi-tech surveillance eqipment and investigation services…or sell surveillance products off line in your own retail store. The best part of it all…is that we can teach you and instruct you on all the information you will require to sell our security products or our private investigation services online..


NO…You dont have to inventory ANY of our products or invest in any inventory because we will drop ship the product(s) for you. You simply send us the orders via fax or via e-mail. We then charge you our wholesale / dealer prices and we then send the order directly to your customer “With Your Name / Company Name and Address” on the shipping label. You never have to invest in any of our spy products or order from us until your client has paid you first. Also, you don’t need to order large quantities of our surveillance or spy products,…only what you need…after you sell it…’s that simple… is a WIN-WIN situation !


We don’t like putting our wholesale prices on the Internet in efforts to protect our Dealers. When you Sign up Below and Become a Dealer, you will receive our “Dealer Wholesale Prices”…..Rest assured, that you will receive very low wholesale prices, thus have the ability to mark up your security and spy products significantly and still remain competitive in the security industry.

For dealers who have their own website, they may easily copy our product text and product images directly from our website.

For Dealers who don’t have a website and would like to have a website like ours instead of spending a fortune like we did in development costs (Over $15,000), we have set up a “Turnkey Website Program”. The Custom Turnkey Website Program can be private labeled with “YOUR BRAND”, “YOUR COMPANY NAME”, “SLOGAN”, “TELEPHONE NUMBER”, “YOUR PRODUCTS”, “OUR PRODUCTS”, etc,..

Your Custom Private Label Spy Shop Website will have over 50 web pages, secured shopping cart, contact us page, and order page, and many other professional looking web pages….Just like our Security Web Site. In addition, your Custom Spy Shop Website will have unlimited e-mail addresses so that you can receive email. Example: [email protected]. We will also host your private label spyshop website on a hi-speed T-1 connection, with unlimited space limitation for a monthly hosting and maintenance fee of only $39.00….

If there is other surveillance spy products we don’t provide that you wish to sell, you are free to place them on your Custom Website. It will take about 30 to 45 days to create your custom website(s). You will have full access to your Website in efforts to make any changes needed like change prices, change text, add products, etc,…..Or, we can add products for you for a fee of $20 per product. Simply send us the image (in a gif or JPG format) and descriptive text and product price via e-mail and we will set up the page, set up the shopping cart, and link your new page under the appropriate category.

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Our “Custom Turnkey Websites” have a retail value of over $15K in design, development and content. Get your very own Custom E-Commerce Security Website with all of our spy surveillance products, cctv security cameras, GPS Tracking products and private detective services for a fraction of what it cost us !…..Our Custom Turnkey Websites showcase the best security products, spy products and private detective services available in the private investigation and security industry…there is no security website out there like ours…..Shop around and compare for your self…..Start an online security business today…we will help you succeed every step of the way…..Call us now and start up your online business venture or online sales before your competition does…(Limited Time offer By State / Territory).


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